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The Unassuming Economist | Housing: From Immobile and Illiquid to Mobile and Liquid
"While housing wealth, like other kinds of asset wealth, was once heavily concentrated at the top of society, the expansion of homeownership in the second half of the twentieth century generated a much wider distribution across income classes. As such, across most developed economies (especially the English speaking ones) many low to middle income households who acquired their homes in the 1970s and 1980s (and before) when prices were historically much lower, have now paid off their loans and accrued significant equity. Since the turn of the century however, and especially since the Global Financial Crisis, the pattern of gains made by homebuyers has become far more uneven. Geography has played a role in that there are growing price disparities between neighbourhoods, cities and regions. Timing has also been meaningful, with later market arrivals accumulating far less housing wealth but assuming much more risk. Significant inequities between lower and higher income homeowners have also reasserted themselves with the former suffering most from the effects of the crisis and the later benefiting more from recent market recovery. Essentially, the distribution of homeownership has shrunk in most contexts and housing wealth become more concentrated again."
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Metro Shelter Hotline Info
PDF of shelter and transitional housing
Contact person
and requirements
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Inventory Myth Busting: Why is Home Inventory So Low? - Trulia's Blog
Homebuilding’s impact – or a lack of it in some places – is by far and away the biggest influence when it comes to inventory woes, outweighing other explanations by a large margin. Across the 100 largest metros, our findings show that:
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Lack of mental health support leaving children stuck in hospital – thinktank | Society | The Guardian
Children with serious mental health problems are becoming trapped in NHS psychiatric units, unable to leave because care is unavailable outside hospitals, a thinktank has said. [...] CAMHS units are have been affected by serious staff shortages. One in nine units is failing to provide staff-to-patient ratios regarded as the minimum acceptable, 24% are struggling to employ enough staff and 19% of the outlay on CAMHS pay goes to temporary bank and agency staff.
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Who Needs the Mortgage-Interest Deduction?
"Under the panel's scheme, taxpayers would receive a credit equal to 15 percent of their mortgage interest. However, the credit would be capped at a level at which the owner of an above-average-sized home could take full advantage. The maximum break would be several thousand dollars a year, and only principal residences -- not ski condos -- would qualify. The panel's courage was met with predictable howls ofprotest. Real-estate agents screamed that ending the sacred interest deduction would set off a slump in the housing market -- a pillar in an otherwise weak economy and so forth. Donald Trump, who knows everything, said that eliminating the deduction would result in 'a total catastrophe' for the U.S. economy."
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Chris Kintner 🌻 on Twitter: "59 years ago in Berkeley: https://t.co/p7LjnEQ7qi"
White schoolteacher buys house, rents it to African American teacher, almost suffers lawsuit and ultimately is blacklisted by FHA.
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