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Hidden City: will giving residents land rights transform a Buenos Aires slum? | Cities | The Guardian
On plans to give people in slums deeds to their homes, and other urbanization efforts in Argentina. Includes discussion of the White Elephant, a massive building planned as Latin America's largest hospital in the 1950s, but abandoned in the midst of construction after the coup against Perón.
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The Rising Politics of (Too Damn High) Rent | The New Republic
As fewer Americans buy homes, and wages stagnate, rent control is becoming a campaign issue from coast to coast.
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Nattering Nabobs of NIMBYism at the NYT | City Observatory
The City Observatory is a study of modern-day cities and urban development practices.
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Raven Campbell on Twitter: "It's sad to me to see how livability has been co-opted to mean "I never have to see signs of struggle, poverty, or change in my vicinity.""
ªªhttps://henrykraemer.com/2018/07/17/divided-we-fall-the-necessary-incomplete-platforms-of-warring-housing-advocates-part-1/ …ºº
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