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curiousb | Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: Part I
Next door is a pair of Georgian houses that have been tastefully renovated into apartments.
- another lot for downtown?
sims2  lots  houses  apartments  downtown  simcity 
5 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
curiousb | Silk Mill
The lot is zoned as residential so that you can furnish it to your own taste; simply use the cheat changelotzoning apartmentbase to convert it to an apartment lot when you are done furnishing.
- get this for Sim City. Designed as luxury apartments but res so could have a big group home?
sims2  lots  houses  downtown  simcity  tobegot 
5 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
power aspiration penguin
34 King Street! It’s meant to give off a super-upmarket townhouse vibe. I imagine it housing a politician and their family. There’s a “toy cave” in the garage for the spouse - stuff that has NO place in the tastefully decorated house itself, (which is carefully designed to show zero personality).
- either for one of the uni lot or when Mary Sue and Daniel become empty nesters or when Freda grows into a teen.
sims2  lots  houses  simcity  tobegot  downtown 
5 weeks ago by timberwolfoz

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