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Bill’s Plumbing & Heating - Plumbing - 703 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA - Phone Number - Yelp
2 reviews of Bill's Plumbing & Heating "Appreciated the quick response and fix (especially when many other plumbers were not answering). He guaranteed that he would at least cap the pipe so that we could turn the water back on (his Saturday…
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7 days ago by emory
Godmorn Milk Frother Electric Automatic 3IN1 Milk Steamer, Heat Milk, Cold and Hot Milk Froth,White Double Wall Non-Stick Coating Milk Foamer, Auto Shut Off, Anti-Slip, Anti-Dry Protection: Kitchen & Home
Rob Flint got a cheap milk frother from Lidl, he was enthusing about it yesterday. I didn’t even know such things existed.

This is the prettiest one I could find on Amazon, it costs twice as much as the Lidl bargains available before Christmas, £30.
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23 days ago by metaproof

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