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Apptivate 2.2
A simple, beautiful way to create global hotkeys for your files and applications.
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25 days ago by cmaresh
AutoHotkey-Snippit App
AutoHotkey Snippit AutoHotkey Snippit is a Program designed with the intention of having multiple types of Hotkeys, HotStrings and Include Plugins for use in windows Automation.

These Hotkeys, HotString and plugins are wrapped in Profiles

These profiles can easily be swapped and set to work any or selected windows. Profile can easily be swaped to have the same shortcut key or hotstring do a different job in different windows.

GitHub -
Docs -
Image -
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march 2018 by jasondavis
Alfred - Productivity App for Mac OS X
Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search your Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions with the Powerpack.
mac  osx  keyword  hotkey  workflow  scripting  ifttt 
february 2018 by gilberto5757
How to type accents, emoji, and symbols on your Mac - Apple Support |
The question is, how would you change that shortcut, or where would you even find that? It's like a "secret" or something (ref:
You can use the Character Viewer to insert smileys, dingbats, and other symbols as you type.

1. Click the place in your document or message where you want the character to appear.
2. Press Control–Command–Space bar. The Character Viewer pop-up window appears:
mac  osx  specialcharacters  keyboard  input  hotkey  tipsandtricks  dammitbrain  solution 
november 2017 by kme
GitHub - peterldowns/iterm2-finder-tools: Open iTerm2 from the Finder |
You need to change the (bundled) Automator app to open a new window rather than a tab, if that's what you want by default.
iterm  finder  applescript  filemanagement  automation  hotkey  fuckina  solution 
november 2017 by kme
Two separate services (one internal and one not) can be confusing · Issue #409 · quicksilver/Quicksilver · GitHub |
So I've started looking into this, since the ⌘⎋ shortcut doesn't work on the Mac at work. Interestingly enough, this is not the fault of QS, but the fault of the keyboard (?!?). The ⌘⎋ just doesn't seem to work AT ALL. I've installed key codes and when I press ⌘⎋ it doesn't register. All other shortcuts do. This is on 10.7.4, new Mac Mini with an Apple keyboard
(P.S. international English is so annoying. Where's the £ sign?!)

The intersesting thing, however, is that when QS simulates the ⌘⎋ keystrokes using carbon (in QSGlobalSelectionProvider.m invokeService) it does work (this is invoked when you use the 'current selection' object with the 'pull selection from frontmost app' option enabled.

Seeing as there seems to be this huge limitation with ⌘⎋ not actually registering as a keyboard shortcut, here's what I propose:

We remove the 'send to quicksilver' service
We keep the get current selection (internal) service, but rename it to something more obvious so as it isn't changed. e.g. Quicksilver Internal Selection (Private)
We make a new default trigger called 'get selection' that literally just does select current selection in command window. People would be told NOT to touch the ⌘⎋ shortcut in the keyboard preferences (if they do, things will) but to edit the trigger keyboard shortcut.
For those who still like the ⌘⎋ shortcut, and for whom it still works, since it'll still be enabled (as a 'private' service) you can still use that.
Added bonus: Using the current selection proxy works more consistently than the service in Finder (e.g. try the service on a folder in Finder when in column mode) so it should fix a few problems

Once we're down to one service, I'll start working on the few bugs with the 'current selection' proxy :)
quicksilver  hotkey  finder  filemanagement  tipsandtricks 
september 2017 by kme

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