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Lion & Lamb
Lion & Lamb Communications
is a lifestyle communications agency focusing on all the wonderful things in the hospitality industry; Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Spirits.
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9 days ago by Alldesign – connect to that petulant wifi already
> A tiny website that doesn't use HTTPS, with the express purpose of letting gated public WiFi MITM the request so you can sign in. I'm paying $50/year for the domain so I hope you use it.

> disclaimer: I think it's horrible that MITMing user requests is a legitimate strategy in 2019 but here we are. Please help build solutions to end this ridiculous situation if you care enough about it ✨

A better alternative than yahoo or MSN for navigating public/gated WiFi sign-on pages.
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10 days ago by jefftriplett
The Hotel Hackers Are Hiding in the Remote Control Curtains - Bloomberg
Back doors to your personal data can be found in everything from smart fish tanks to Wi-Fi pineapples.
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17 days ago by inspiral
和洋融合,日本溫泉旅館新風貌(上)—— HOTELLI aalto、坐忘林、かつら木の郷 - 《Yilan美食生活玩家》
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26 days ago by ymtso

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