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It's time to reconsider going on-prem | Hacker News
I'm a huge believer in colocation/on-prem in the post-Kubernetes era. I manage technical operations at a SaaS company and we migrated out of public cloud and into our own private, dedicated gear almost two years ago. Kubernetes and--especially--CoreOS has been a game changer for us. Our Kube environment achieves a density that simply isn't possible in a public cloud environment with individual app server instances. We're running 150+ service containers on each 12-core, 512 GB RAM server. Our Kubernetes farm--six servers configured like this--is barely at 10% capacity and I suspect that we will continue to grow on this gear for quite some time.
CoreOS, however, is the real game-changer for us. The automatic updates and ease of management is what took us from a mess of 400+ ill-maintained OpenStack instances to a beautiful environment where servers automatically update themselves and everything "just works". We've built automation around our CoreOS baremetal deployment, our Docker container building (Jenkins + custom Groovy), our monitoring (Datadog-based), and soon, our F5-based hardware load balancing. I'm being completely serious when I say that this software has made it fun to be a sysadmin again. It's disposed of the rote, shitty aspects of running infrastructure and replaced it with exciting engineering projects with high ROI, huge efficiency improvements and more satisfying work for the ops engineering team.
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15 hours ago by hellsten
Serving 39M Requests for $370/Month | Hacker News
- I suspect you could fit this into a pair of dedicated server s from somewhere like OVH or Hetzner for <$150/month (two servers to provision for peak load, which I'm assuming is ~3x as high as the troughs).

- This is some budget thinking, but 20 $5 instances, 10 from Vultr and 10 from Linode in 4 different locations and 2 load balancing servers for tops $30 with DDOS protection etc. to send the requests to proper servers would easily handle this and scale without the problem. Would that work? We would be left with $130 easy to scale, huge bandwidth and computing power network.

- Lambda itself is already ~300% more expensive than EC2, but in comparison API Gateway is indeed much much more than Lambda for processing the requests.

- I'm a huge fan of Lambda, but these prices really need to go down. If anyone thinks API Gateway is cheap, just do the math, this is a trivial amount of traffic for even the smallest of EC2 instances.
Head over to and enable the "HTTP Requests" radio.
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15 hours ago by hellsten
$5 Showdown: Linode vs. DigitalOcean vs. Amazon Lightsail vs. Vultr | Hacker News
Scaleway (subsidiary of offers even better value/performance deal than DO/Amazon/Linode. Their offering starts at €2.99/month for 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, 200mbit unmetered cloud server [0]
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16 hours ago by hellsten
Hobo Signs: Some Raw Source Material
Hobosigns is a sub-domain of Macdrifter, but it's hosted through It's a new secret society created by an internet friend. It's pretty great. With minimal configuration (and a Dropbox account), I have a totally new site. Posting to the site is super easy. I can do it right from my browser or through Drafts or Workflow for iOS. Basically anything that can access Dropbox can post to the site. The ease of posting is one of the things I like.
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17 hours ago by lorenzo
Going Multi-Cloud with AWS and GCP: Lessons Learned at Scale
Metamarkets splits across AWS and GCP, going into heavy detail here
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yesterday by jm
Client Area - PulseHeberg
Lots of options and good pricing for unlimited data transfer VPS.
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yesterday by jamescampbell

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