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(185) Deutschland, Deine Döner - Was essen wir da eigentlich? | betrifft - YouTube
Phosphate im Essen = langzeit nierenschaden
Fake Doener
&! Die Fleischlüge: Warum Panscher nicht aufzuhalten sind - Frontal 21 | ZDF -
&! horse meat scandal
&! - Beef scare: Polish bad meat spreads to 11 EU states
&! - Die Tricks der Fleischindustrie
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february 2019 by asterisk2a
Equine ID chips helped expose horsemeat scandal - Court News UK
This is my favourite detail of the whole horsemeat thing. The horses were chipped so they could be found again. And they were...
july 2017 by yorksranter
Horsemeat scandal report calls for urgent and comprehensive reforms | UK news |
• The public laboratory service, which tests that foods are safe and what they claim to be, faces an existential crisis because of deep cuts in local authority budgets. Urgent restructuring will be needed to save it. Testing food cannot be left to the private sector which has different priorities, it concludes.

• Local authority enforcement services have been "cut to the bone". Trading Standards departments will have suffered an average 40% cut in England and Wales over the lifetime of this parliament. Any further cuts here would leave local authorities "unable to effectively protect consumers" from fraudsters.

• The original investigation in to the horsemeat crime was conducted by regulators "at least in part with insufficient experience or expertise in the investigation of serious food crime and none at all in tackling complex organised crime".

• None of the bodies which might be expected to investigate serious organised crime in the food sector – from the Metropolitan police and other police forces to the Serious Fraud Office, and the National Crime Agency — see it as their role at present.

• There is currently an "impasse" in which intelligence on food crime is not collected because it is not a police priority and police do not investigate food crime because they have no intelligence about it. A mechanism for intelligence gathering is needed urgently, it says.
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september 2014 by paulbradshaw
Twitter / GoodrichWatts: Things that make you go hmmm? ...
RT : Things that make you go hmmm? Price of meat-based ready meals vs prices of meat.
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april 2013 by tariq.khokhar
British Pathé: The scandal from 1948 in the . The incentives were always high. Hat tip
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march 2013 by antaldaniel
For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report
Bottled water company takes heat for NOT tapping a real-time marketing opportunity. Learn more on FIR 691:
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february 2013 by topgold

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