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fullPage.js | One Page Scroll sections Site Plugin
vanilla js for creating pages with snapping vertical scroll, and also allows horizontal scrolling slideshow type. Lots of variations, including with continuous and with bullet position markers. Responsive.
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7 weeks ago by piperh
Creating horiztontal scrolling containers the right way with CSS grid
In this article, I want to explore how the flexibility of CSS Grid can help implement a horizontal scrolling component while dealing with some of the pitfalls that comes with it.
CSS  css-grid  horizontal  scroll 
february 2019 by vaupeh
HTML hr tag
https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_hr.asp ;;;
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Definition and Usage
The <hr> tag defines a thematic break in an HTML page (e.g. a shift of topic).

The <hr> element is used to separate content (or define a change) in an HTML page.
<p>HTML is a language for describing web pages.....</p>


<p>CSS defines how to display HTML elements.....</p>
HTML  hr  tag  horizontal  Line  needsEditing 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Horizontal Tabs
For example:

<p><b>noct<tab id=t1>ambulant</b> - walking at night<br>
<tab to=t1>(from Latin: <i>nox noctis</i> night + <i>ambulare</i> walk)
which is rendered as:

noctambulant - walking at night
(from Latin: nox noctis night + ambulare walk)
w3org  horizontal  tab  needsEditing  |  html 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns

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