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Tanzania: The strange and worrying rise of oil-covered rapists in Kigoma - African Arguments
“Covering a story about a small personal issue like Teleza instead of the Serengeti Park win is nonsense,” he said. “We have to stop focusing on minor issues.”
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RT : I was told I was a case and I was to Die that way. And I believe that to be true. I found a solution to m…
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Kronda on Twitter: "If I call you out, it means I actually think you might care because I don’t think you’re a hopeless jerk. #osb13"
“If I call you out, it means I actually think you might care because I don’t think you’re a hopeless jerk. #osb13”
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Diane Abbott's Agonising Interview Over Police Policy Cost - LBC
remember when being un-quantitative was a sort of lefty badge of identity? I always thought this was just a smear, but then you look at the revenants from that era trying to get their head around the difference between recruiting 10,000 policemen over four years and recruiting 10,000 policemen a year for four years
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I think this was directed at third-party clients that sometimes load pages from in web views
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Hopelessness, Thy Name is Kitty Clothes
I put this coat on my cat and she literally just gave up twitter.com/ZoiePalmer/sta…
— Zoie palmer (@ZoiePalmer) December 19, 2011

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MSNBC weighs in on Karl Rove - POLITICO.com
"Fox News Channel called Ohio for Obama, but the on-air talent is refusing to concede that they believe it."
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Sunrise and Sunset in Afghanistan | by David Smith-Ferri October 7, 2012, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
from the page: "..every family has lost loved ones. "Always..they are thinking about death, remembering their losses." ..a local university student, described a U.S. drone attack in his home village.. The attack killed his brother-in-law... When the family went to the NATO office and asked, "Why are you killing us?" they were told they'd receive monetary compensation, per NATO policy. "Afghans..are sick of this. We reject the idea that you can put a monetary value on any life, least of all a loved one. Our family rejected the money."... "Ask anyone and they will tell you that foreign military actions and foreign interventions are destroying our country.".."Students go through twelve or fourteen years of school and there are no jobs.. So they return to their villages and join the Taliban." ..."Because of the war it is hard for people to find work. A family sits together and one person asks another, 'Why didn't you bring bread?' People feel..high stress, and this is a cause of violence."
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