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Wikipedia - Hoodoo (folk magic)
"African American Hoodoo (also known as "conjure", "rootworking", "root doctoring", or "working the root")."
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july 2018 by cosmic
Last Nickel in the Nation Sack - fresne - Greek and Roman Mythology, Vodun [Archive of Our Own]
Robert (Bobby) Johnson/Dicy , Baron Samedi, Agwe , Papa Legba, Robert (Bobby) Johnson , Dicy (Eurydice) , Chromatic Yuletide , alternative universe , Racebending, Yuletide Treat , Yuletide 2012 , Podfic Available , Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes
Sometimes there ain't nothing for a walking man to do, but play the sweet Delta Blues.
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april 2013 by jiele

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