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How "special register groups" invaded computer dictionaries for decades
For some reason, a 1960 definition of [a computer's] "central processing unit" included "special register groups", an obscure feature from the Honeywell 800 mainframe. This definition was copied and changed for decades, even though it doesn't make sense. It appears that once something appears in an authoritative glossary, people will reuse it for decades, and obsolete terms may never die out.

Additionally, the "main frame" was a Honeywell term for the large physical frame which held the CPU. History!
computer  computing  language  history  etymology  mainframe  honeywell  cpu  dictionaries 
11 weeks ago by jm
youlearn | Honeywell
Training web site for heating installers to familiarize themselves with HoneyWell products such as EvoHome.
training  Honeywell  Residio  products  EvoHome  heating 
november 2019 by searchmeister
The EVOHOME Forum • Index page
A forum for customers of the EVOHOME shop. Covers a lot of answers to customer questions. Also has a list of boilers supporting OpenTherm.
OpenTherm  EvoHome  forum  shop  heating  homeautomation  Honeywell 
october 2019 by searchmeister
The EVOHOME Shop - Honeywell evohome Specialist Retailer
The EVOHOME Shop are Honeywell evohome specialist suppliers and official UK stockists for Honeywell connected products. We absolutely specialise in the devices we sell and all our Honeywell evohome and Honeywell connected products are available from stock for instant dispatch!
Honeywell  Evohome  thermostat  control  shopping  automation  IoT  radiator  heating  shop  store  retailer 
january 2019 by searchmeister
MT8 Small Linear Thermoelectric Actuator - Honeywell UK Heating Controls
MT8 Small Linear Thermoelectric Actuator

Could this be the perfect solution to remotely controlling individual radiators? It is thermoelectric and not motor driven making it very quiet in operation. It can also be proportionally controlled using PWM allowing finer control over water flow. It is powered so no batteries to replace.
MT8  Honeywell  TRV  silent  quiet  heating  homeautomation  radiator  PWM  thermoelectric 
january 2019 by searchmeister
Evohome is Noisy - please help me
Verrry long forum thread about how noisy one user finds the HRT92 TRVs from Honeywell's Evohome range.
Doesn't really get to the bottom of the problem except a general agreement that they are quieter than the competition. One user found that covering the TRV with another container made it quieter. Several interesting experiments and promised experiments which petered out.
Conclusion... suck it and see! Also a mention of the completely silent wired MT8 although that is either on or off and doesn't use proportional control. Also Honeywell Valencia valve body may be quieter (but later disproved).
heating  TRV  homeautomation  Evohome  Honeywell  Valencia  MT8  DTS92  HRT92  Wireless  CentralHeating 
january 2019 by searchmeister
Honeywell evohome long term review | Vesternet
Vesternet calls on Paul Ockenden from PC Pro magazine to review the Honeywell evohome smart heating system.
Vesternet  PaulOckenden  TRV  evohome  honeywell  heating  review  thermostat  radiator 
november 2018 by searchmeister
Woodrow Bellamy III on Twitter: "The @Honeywell_Aero megawatt power generator on display at their pre #NBAA18 event… "
Sadly, this was to be the generator for the XV-24A LightningStrike eVTOL demonstrator, to be paired with a turboshaft engine.
Honeywell  electric  generator  general  aviation  propulsion  research  technology 
october 2018 by asteroza

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