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Civic honesty around the globe | Science
“on average, 40 percent of people given cashless wallets reported them, compared with 51 percent of people given wallets with money.”

From the paper at https://science.sciencemag.org/content/365/6448/70:

"field experiments in 355 cities spanning 40 countries around the globe. In these experiments, we turned in more than 17,000 lost wallets containing varying amounts of money at public and private institutions and measured whether recipients contacted the owners to return the wallets. In virtually all countries, citizens were more likely to return wallets that contained more money. Neither nonexperts nor professional economists were able to predict this result. Additional data suggest that our main findings can be explained by a combination of altruistic concerns and an aversion to viewing oneself as a thief, both of which increase with the material benefits of dishonesty."
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Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram?
"As Jia Tolentino writes in her essay “The I in the Internet,” social-media platforms work best — that is, as they are intended to — when they are unsatisfying. For all the knowledge and inspiration that many social-media users have given me via their profiles, the apps themselves (I mean Instagram and Twitter) were designed to be hierarchical and addictive. Despite these platforms’ recent attempts to be less detrimental to their users’ mental health, to monitor and improve “conversation health,” and to retroactively apply journalistic ethics to cesspools of abuse and misinformation, their business models are based on exploiting people’s psychology for maximum engagement, much like a video game you can’t stop playing but will never win."
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Getting To Know - by Rae Trail (Kirk/Spock Online Festival (KSOF) 2000)
“Yes, Captain. I am listening.” He glanced up at the continued silence. “Sir?”

“You’re reading your reports. I want your full attention. Damn it, this is important, Spock!”

The small and astonishing thrill of anger that Spock had been repeatedly feeling for the last few weeks ran through him again. Mother, he thought, if I had known this is how it felt I would have stayed on Vulcan. He began to run the quick series of meditative cues that would halt the anger, and then stopped.

This was Kirk. This was the man who had undermined his controls, whose friendship was demanding more and more of his time. The one he admired, even emulated. And not a man to back down from emotions. He let the anger reach his fore-mind and was amazed at himself when he said, “You have served with me for 2.25 years. I find it difficult to believe that, despite seeing me do this more times than I wish to recount for you, you don’t understand that I am capable of thinking about several things simultaneously. I fail to understand why you think I should waste my time by limiting my mind to Human norms. But if you insist on completely monopolizing me, I shall put all my resources at your disposal and waste three quarters of an hour for every hour you choose to speak to me. Will that satisfy you?”

Kirk’s eyes were huge. “You’re angry.”

“Yes. That is correct.”

“You’re always saying that you have no emotions.”
st:tos  kirk/spock  ep-related  trauma  honesty  masturbation  bodies  voyeurism/exhibitionism 
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Another Country Beckons - by Rae Trail (Side By Side Issue 04)
McCoy was lying on his couch, a padd on his lap and a glass of bourbon on the table beside him. The bottle beside it was nearly full.

“Hey, Jim. What’s up? Or just the usual trouble sleeping?”

Blowing out his breath in frustration, Kirk swung himself onto a chair and set the empty mug on McCoy’s table. He reached for the bourbon bottle and poured himself a generous portion. “Am I that transparent? Do I always have trouble sleeping the night before planetfall? Some youngsters were talking about it in the mess.”

“That’s what’s bugging you? Of course they notice, and talk about it. Everyone on this ship is a dedicated Kirkologist, Captain. Their lives revolve around you. That’s simply the nature of society on a starship.”

“Some people seem to be paying more attention to Spock, these days,” he ventured.

McCoy sat up abruptly and set down his padd. “Uh-oh. I knew you’d hear about that sooner or later, I should have brought it up. Believe me, Jim; no one thinks it wrong or dangerous or anything like that. In fact, I’d say that the vast majority of the crew actually feels there is a kind of poetic harmony in it. I know that stress levels dropped significantly when the rumour started going around.”

“Huh? Why, just because half the women on board could stop obsessing about him?”

McCoy laughed aloud. “About both of you, of course. Don’t worry, if you two continue to ignore it, it’ll peter out and become ‘just one of those things’ pretty quickly.” He stopped when he saw the intense gaze that Kirk had focused on him. “Jim?”

“What exactly are you telling me? What rumour?”

McCoy sipped his corn whiskey and cocked his head. “You’re kidding, right? Weren’t you talking about the current scuttlebutt about you and Spock taking up housekeeping?”

Kirk felt his mouth dropping open as a wave of shocked heat ran over him. “Me? And Spock?”
st:tos  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  oblivious  we're...dating?  off-world  jealousy  honesty  negotiation  firsttimes  <3 
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Honesty is Kindness
> That was a day I felt our friendship leveled-up, because I knew I could trust her to give me honest feedback on any subject.

> "Truth is Kindness"

​> all forms of lying --including while lies meant to spare feelings-- are associated with less satisfying relationships

​> I slide into dishonesty more often than I’d like. It’s easy and it’s comfortable.
honesty  relationships  friendship 
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I Will Follow You into the Dark - by IvanW
“Is there…what can I do?” Jim took a step closer, close enough to touch Spock, but not doing so. He’d learned earlier on the ship touching Spock when he was like this was not wise.

“You have already done it. I appreciate that you saw my parents settled. And the…elders.”

But not the one Jim had seen get crushed in the cave when they’d gone to rescue them. Spock’s mom had told Jim that he’d been a teacher of Spock’s that Spock had admired. So many gone, so many taken by Nero. His own loss, that of his father, seemed small compared to everything else. There were worse things than growing up without a father. Jim had learned that all too well.

“You-you’re welcome.” He turned away.



“You have received medical attention for your significant injuries?”

He hadn’t. Bones had bugged him, but Jim had put him off. And now Jim needed to shower, dress, and get to the ceremony where they planned to give him a medal for all this. For what, anyway? Not being able to save Vulcan. But Earth, yeah, they still stood on Earth.

“Yeah,” he lied. Because he didn’t feel like saying he hadn’t seen anyone and in the end, in Spock’s current state, he doubted Spock cared as much as he was supposed to, and for some reason, Jim felt like Spock had asked because it was what you were supposed to do for your significant other. If they still were. Which, well, Jim wasn’t even sure about that.

Pike had told him that Spock was offering his resignation. He intended to help establish a colony to rebuild the Vulcan race and anyway, what could Jim say about that? Spock hadn’t even asked him what he’d thought or even mentioned it. He’d heard it from Pike.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  post-narada  earthside  winona  infirmary  honesty 
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part of you - by sunshine_captain
Spock accompanies Jim to the door of his quarters, then prepares to move on to his own. Jim touches his wrist. Spock can feel the warmth of Jim’s hand even through his sleeve.

“Will you stay for a while? I’m afraid I won’t be terribly exciting company, but I’d like to spend time with you.”

It almost amuses Spock as much as it touches him. They have spent all day together, and the day before, and almost every day since they’ve known each other. He does, however, understand Jim’s meaning. They are together constantly as they work, but it is another matter to be together in their spare time.

He is always pleased to be in Jim’s company, but as he follows his captain inside, he is slightly apprehensive. Spock hopes Jim does not expect things from him.
st:tos  kirk/spock  asexual  honesty  masturbation 
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The Claims We Make - by GrumpyBones (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Jim is in the draft stages of a plan, still choosing between the two equally delightful: Intentionally, wildly, mispronouncing the name of their planetary destination or asking the Vulcan an extremely specific question about a species that doesn't even exist, when he starts the swivel in his chair. He decides, at the last moment, to go with an old favorite.

“Mr. Spock, please scan the area for—” a familiar pain in his neck that twinges at the angle he forces it to stretch in order to see the science station.

Only he doesn't see it. He might, for a second, the visual getting lost in the manual reboot his brain seems to be conducting. There’s a glimpse, a brief one, a preview if you will, that his subconscious seems to hand over with timid restraint. As if the different sections of his mind are passing the photo around with an incredulous, Are you seeing this too?

He blinks a few times, the sight in front of him remaining. He takes a quick glance around the Bridge as a whole where the rest of the crew continue on with their duties. They either refuse to notice or simply don’t care about the sight being presented to the Captain’s right.

He tells himself that his eyes need to return to the viewscreen even as they snap back to the section of skin peeking out between the black pants and the science-blue uniform shirt. The top has ridden up his spine, just so, revealing a glimpse of swirling script inscribed on the olive tinted strip of Spock’s lower back.

Spock has a tattoo, the tone of his inner dialogue missing the mark of simple shock as he swivels the chair back into proper position, a strange sense of hurt rumbling beneath a blanket of pure disbelief, Spock has a tattoo and he didn’t tell me.
st:aos  kirk/spock  bodymod  pining  winona  off-world  infirmary  honesty  bonded 
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How online surveillance is killing private conversations | World news | The Guardian
“Our discourse around privacy needs to expand to address foundational questions about the role of automation: to what extent is living in a surveillance-saturated world compatible with pluralism and democracy? What are the consequences of raising a generation of children whose every action feeds into a corporate database? What does it mean to be manipulated from an early age by machine-learning algorithms that adaptively learn to shape our behaviour?”
communication  surveillance  leaks  hacking  DarrochKim  privacy  ambientPrivacy  honesty  frankness  control  JohnsonBoris  FarageNigel  reputation  identity  dctagged  dc:creator=HernAlex 
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A little bit of grace, (for me and for you) - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
Pike had sent the promised list of dates during which Spock will be expected to supervise the human child the day after their meeting, and it immediately became clear that Spock had been “had,” if he is using the idiom correctly.

“A few days here and there” turns out to be several weeks interspersed throughout the summer.

It also appears that Pike has not left Spock any time to rescind his offer as the first set of dates begin this weekend.

Today is Thursday.

It was a shrewd tactic, Spock admits to himself, relying on Spock’s sense of duty and then giving him no time to think better of it.

Despite having no time to think better of it, Spock is, well, certainly not panicking in the human sense—but were Vulcans prone to ascribing emotional nomenclature to mental states, Spock’s current thought patterns might probably be described as a form of irrational anxiety.

Panic, Spock. Is this an emotional response? asks a voice that comes from the part of his mind where the VSA panel sits.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  starfleet.edu  pike  tarsus-iv  food  dreams  holidays  party  beach  water  ageplay  reunion  teacher/student  pining  rejection  honesty  taking-it-slow  marriage 
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Vulcan, Not Dead. - by Kitty_Kinneas (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2019)
“That went well,” Bones said dryly from where he was pretending to wire something in the corner. He didn’t know shit about wiring, but he had to pretend he did in order to stay around. God knew Spock was too efficient to bother keeping him there if he knew he was a doctor and not an engineer.

“Didn’t it?” Jim said, with no suggestion of sarcasm.

Bones frowned at him. “Jim. He turned you down so cold I’m surprised you don’t have frostbite.”

“Oh, please. You don’t watch him hard enough. He was tempted.”

“Oh, and you been watching him that… hard… huh?” Bones asked, smirking.

“Yes. Because we need those codes.”

“Uhuh. Right. The codes. You like him.”

Jim snorted, opening the chocolate bar and taking a bite. He gestured with it. “Please. The guy is like an old lady fussing over her porcelain figures. Everything has to be just right.”

“Yeah, I get that, but… you like a challenge. And you can’t get much more challenging than this one.”

Jim shook his head. “This is all about this job, Bones. We need the ship – we’re gonna get it.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  space  pirates  flirting  bars  casual-sex  honesty 
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Civic honesty around the globe | Science
Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development, but is often in conflict with material self-interest. We examine the trade-off between honesty and self-interest using field experiments in 355 cities spanning 40 countries around the globe. We turned in over 17,000 lost wallets with varying amounts of money at public and private institutions, and measured whether recipients contacted the owner to return the wallets. In virtually all countries citizens were more l...
honesty  wallet  money  research  global  study 
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