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Honda confirms Swindon car plant closure - BBC News
They say it's not Brexit related, it's due to changes in the auto market, decline in demand for diesels, increase in demand for electric vehicles. But 90% of Swindon's production is exported to the EU and US...and it makes 6% diesel vehicles, 94% gasoline...

Also Japan and the EU just signed a FTA which will eliminate vehicle import taxes by 2027...
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2 days ago by shadowspar
RT : famously one of the last mainstream brands to even bother putting a diesel engine in a car and still one of…
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2 days ago by Lulu
Test Drive | 2019 Honda Passport Comfortable, Capable New CUV Entry
The new Pilot-derived 2-row midsize crossover from Honda aims to appeal to body-on-frame midsize SUV owners thanks to its off-roading abilities.
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