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Deutschland: Dem Rechtsruck auf der Spur | ARTE Re: Doku - YouTube
[ verhaertete fronten, Neu Rechte, einige fast demokratiegefaehrdent, inklusive conspiracy theories ] Deutschland steht im Herbst vor entscheidenden Wahlen in drei Bundesländern. Die Republik droht weiter nach rechts zu rutschen, besonders in Sachsen. Engagierte Reporter der Sächsischen Zeitung gehen rechten Umtrieben im Land nach und zeigen, wie rechtspopulistische Ideen die Mitte der Gesellschaft erfassen.
AfD  Sachsen  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsruck  Germany  East  PEGIDA  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neo-nazi  Faschismus  Bautzen  fascism  Saxony  LGBT  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic  Xenophobia  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  revisionism  history  populism  demagogy  NPD  conspiracy  theories  agenda 
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Protestors 'pelted with eggs' as they put up 'love is the answer' signs at Anderton Park Primary School - Birmingham Live
ESPECIALLY THE MEN shouting "We will not back down!"
Officers took statements from those still present when they arrived and told the group they will view videos and CCTV to try to identify any culprits responsible for the assaults. [...] Protest co-ordinator Shakeel Afsar, who says he's been elected as parents' spokesman but does not have children at the school, laid the blame for the incident with the LGBT group.

&! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-48339080 A head teacher at a primary school giving lessons on LGBT equality has received threatening emails and phone calls. Police are investigating messages sent to Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson at Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham. [...] The protests' leader says [ sex ed ] amounts to "social engineering".

&! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy9FAko75hE - Anti-LGBT protesters clash with Labour MP
'damage to the muslim community'

&! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-48395868 - Birmingham LGBT row: The view from the school gates
UK  LGBT  Homophobia  homophobic  Muslim  Islam  Islamophobia  transphobia  Transphobic  education  policy  sexed  sex  Equality  Act 
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(778) Sex education: The clash of LGBT and religious rights – BBC Newsnight - YouTube
makes children promiscuous
'we are not homophobic, we are just concerned parents'
'insidious way to brainwash children' ... turning them gay.
"social engineering program to corrupt our children"
That's like 1970 80s all over again.
Even Christian families are piling on.

SkyNews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APrjqAtgrw4 - Special report: Culture clash causes conflict in the classroom
UK  LGBT  Muslim  Religion  Islamophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic  sex  education  Birmingham  trans  policy 
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Italien: Rechtsradikale Gruppen wie Casa Pound wachsen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
From Spain to Turkey, the rise of the far right is a clash of cultures not civilisations
Elif Shafak
Vox and other extremists are making huge political gains for the first time in years. Their success risks tearing societies apart
What Vox is selling is strikingly similar to the package embraced by populist nationalists elsewhere: anti-immigration, anti-diversity, anti-gay marriage and LGBT rights, an aggressive longing for a mythical golden past. The Catalan conflict has played into Vox’s hands – as through history, one type of “benign” nationalism has dangerously inflamed another to stoke a vicious conflict. Populist nationalists love imaginary enemies, and Vox is no exception. Misogyny lies at its heart. Talk that men are suffering at the hands of “feminazis”, and that radical feminists are threatening the social fabric, will be familiar to watchers of the far right. They don’t believe that patriarchy exists, just as they don’t believe climate change is happening. Coming from Turkey, the misogynist rhetoric of the Spanish movement is horribly familiar to me. Just like the Justice and Development party (AKP) in Turkey, Vox wants to convert the current gender ministry into a ministry of family. The shift in words is significant. Rather than looking at gender discrimination and institutional gender disparity, the new focus is on “traditional family values”. Until recently Spain was regarded as one of the few countries that had made huge gains in gender equality. Now we know that even in such countries history can go backwards.
Italy  Italien  Rechtsruck  Rechtsextremismus  Spain  Vox  values  culture  family  LGBT  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  Spanien  Europa  fascism  Neo-Nazi  neonazi  neo-fascism  neofascism  Nazi  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic 
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Pence, Buttigieg and the debate over ‘conversion therapy’ - The Washington Post
When assessing controversial stands by politicians, it’s important to look for patterns. Pence has demonstrated a history of opposing expansion of gay rights, such as marriage or in the military. But there is no pattern of him promoting conversion therapy; there is just one oddly worded line in an almost two-decade-old Web page. Is it a dog whistle — or just sloppy language written one night by a low-level staffer?
homophobic  h8  republiklan_agenda  government 
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APA Report on Conversion therapy
conclusion that it's not useful and it's actually harmful.
homophobic  rights  politics 
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The story here is: parents want their children to be miserable & lonely & feel they can't get sup…
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