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Jack Malebranche's <i>Androphilia: A Manifesto</i> | Counter-Currents Publishing
Androphiles consciously recognize and affirm masculinity, and because their erotic desires are directed towards other men, they have the potential to achieve far more in the realm of masculine accomplishment than those who, again, have to “struggle to keep food on the table or get new sneakers for Junior.” Thus, far from being “unmasculine,” androphiles have it within their power to become, well, Overmen.
homo  nazisme  mandigt 
march 2018 by mlte
Top or Bottom: How do we desire? – The New Inquiry
Reframing the top shortage as a bottom surplus points up the question of what desires bottoming actually canvasses—both consciously and unconsciously, which is why I am actually highly unenthusiastic about bottoming as a suddenly widespread site of identification. It strikes me that bottoming is heavily coded as absenting oneself of responsibility for or complicity with social power, which has at minimum the potential to join up with certain pernicious raced and gendered scripts. In this capacity, bottoming is the sexual correlative of the dissimulation of complicity with dominant structures that marks certain urban upwardly-mobile queer social scenes, whereby sounding off (say) anarchist principles can act as a fig-leaf disguising a de facto complicity with capital, real estate developers, and cops.

august 2017 by mlte
Yuval Harari's New Book Feeds the Tech Czars' God Complex
What do the most powerful people in the world read? For Donald Trump, the depressing but familiar answer is nothing beyond tweets and headlines.
additivism  buffer  homo  sapien  humans  immortality  insta  posthumanism  silicon  valley  singularity  transhumanism  stream 
june 2017 by therourke
Jeg er bare en mand, der elsker en mand | Information
Så hvad er jeres mission? spørger jeg Landsforeningen for bøsser, lesbiske, biseksuelle og transpersoner. At udvide jeres navn med flere kategorier? Eller burde jeres fornemmeste opgave i stedet være at skyde hul i silotænkningen, være et agentur for den åbne seksualitet, den fleksible og tværgående kærlighed, og sætte jer selv og os andre fri?
sexet  homo 
may 2017 by mlte
'Hobbit' species did not evolve from ancestor of modern humans, research finds | Science | The Guardian
Researchers who studied the bones of Homo floresiensis, a species of tiny human discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, say their findings should end a popular theory that it evolved from an ancestor of modern humans.
anthropology  homo  floresiensis  human  insta  neanderthals  stream 
april 2017 by therourke
Quentin Crisp - Wikipedia
Homo historiefortæller der var imod bøssernes frigørelse og mente folk burde blive i skabet.

Crisp remained fiercely independent and unpredictable into old age. He caused controversy and confusion in the gay community by jokingly calling AIDS "a fad", and homosexuality "a terrible disease".
february 2017 by mlte
Perussuomalaiset antoi kolmelle edustajalle huomautuksen homoliittojen puoltamisesta | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi
Perussuomalaisten kansanedustajat Tiina Elovaara, Arja Juvonen ja Ville Tavio saivat ryhmältään huomautuksen viime perjantaisesta äänestyksestä.
homo  lgbt  vaalit 
february 2017 by chaoticleader
Every human culture includes cooking – this is how it began
Del come lo sviluppo del cibo è legato alla nostra evoluzione come homo sapiens
food  prehistory  cooking  apes  homo  sapiens 
november 2016 by danst42
Disney: Gay Characters Coming to Star Wars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams said this week he wants to see the Star Wars franchise more accurately reflect “the way the world looks,” especially in regards to being more inclusive of gay characters.

Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/02/27/j-j-abrams-gay-characters-coming-star-wars-franchise/
disney  gay  homo  star  wars 
february 2016 by inboxnews

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