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Network Music Players | Accessories4less
This looks like a site where you can order refurbished audio gear and such?
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25 days ago by handcoding
Home Audio Systems, Speakers & Accessories | Emotiva Audio – Emotiva Audio Corporation
Welcome to Emotiva Audio Corporation. Home Audio Systems, Speakers & Accessories and more. We use science to evoke the true emotion behind every note.
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4 weeks ago by devnulled
This is a pretty neat page with rankings for various speakers.
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7 weeks ago by handcoding
Caavo Control Center Universal TV Remote and Home Theater Hub
Plug everything — your cable/satellite box, streaming devices, sound system and gaming console — into Control Center and connect to your TV. From there, Control Center does the rest. It automatically knows which device to use, searches all your apps, finds what you want, and plays it.
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12 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Which HDMI Cable Should I Use to Hitch My 4K Player to a 1080p HDTV? | Sound & Vision
(On buying an HDMI cable to connect 4K sources:)
“Before I get to your questions, let’s review the basics of HDMI cables and their capabilities. First, there’s no such thing as an HDMI 1.3b or HDMI 2.0 cable. Instead of being linked with a particular version of the HDMI specification (e.g., HDMI 1.4), an HDMI cable is instead labeled by its capabilities.

“A Standard HDMI cable will support up to 1080i/720p high-definition video and multichannel audio. A High Speed HDMI cable can support 4K video with high dynamic range and multichannel audio. Both Standard and High Speed HDMI cables are also available in a separate versions with Ethernet support. Oh, there are also Premium High Speed HDMI Cables, but that’s something of a marketing gimmick to sell pricey cables.

“Since you’re using an Ultra HD Blu-ray player in your system, I recommend buying a High Speed HDMI cable. The cable itself won’t perform any downscaling of the 4K video on Ultra HD Blu-ray to 1080p resolution; the player does that. To set things up properly, simply select the 1080p output option in the player’s video setup menu and signals in the correct format will be sent to the TV.”
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november 2018 by handcoding
NAD's C 658 houses BluOS, MQA, Dirac Live, MM phono, aptX Bluetooth | Darko.Audio
(The NAD D 3045 mentioned here looks like it could be tempting. And it has:
• binding posts
• subwoofer out
• MQA support.
• But: It might not have a crossover?)

“While we’re here, let’s look at the already-available NAD D 3045 integrated amplifier. Its 60wpc of ‘Hybrid amplification’, subwoofer output and internal DAC – fed by asynchronous USB, coaxial or TOSLINK inputs – point to it being a replacement for the NAD D 7050. The upright chassis and €799 price tag suggest big brother status to the €499 D 3020 v2 amplifier.

“And like the afore-detailed C 658, the D 3045 offers DSD/MQA support, two-way aptX Bluetooth and an MM phono stage.”
mqa  dacs  audiophile  hometheater  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding

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