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Get Started with Docker 1.12 on Raspberry Pi
Dust off that Pi and get Docker 1.12 up and running in minutes. Learn some cool hacks and optimizations for the best experience including GPIO.
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18 days ago by pietvanzoen
PiVPN: Simplest setup of OpenVPN
::: Control all PiVPN specific functions!
::: Usage: pivpn <command> [option]
::: Options:
::: -a, add [nopass] Create a client ovpn profile, optional nopass
::: -c, clients List any connected clients to the server
::: -d, debug Start a debugging session if having trouble
::: -l, list List all valid and revoked certificates
::: -r, revoke Revoke a client ovpn profile
::: -h, help Show this help dialog
::: -u, uninstall Uninstall PiVPN from your system!
4 weeks ago by pietvanzoen

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