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igloohome Smart Mortise
Now this is clever. A "smart lock" which doesn't require access to the internet; uses crypto to allow generation of transient time-limited access codes which you can give to other people, and a TOTP-style algorithm to generate one-time access codes. (via threeze)
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5 days ago by jm
What You Should Establish Before You Build Your Custom Home in Baltimore
What You Should Establish Before You Build Your Custom Home in Baltimore
custom-homes  Baltimore  homes 
18 days ago by Adventure_Web
Shelter Institute - Home
Think Build Live. Creating durable and sustainable homes since 1974. Accredited building classes, fine woodworking tools, timber frames, real estate.
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18 days ago by collabmedia
ZEDpods: ast, Modular, Low Energy Homes
Designed for land outside the development plan, including car parks, hard standings and difficult-to-develop land. A cost efficient, fully fitted, affordable solution, ready for immediate occupation and delivered in a fraction of the time of conventional housing due to off-site manufacture and modular build.
housing  construction  tinyhouses  architecture  homes 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
NOTsoFAR - wyjątkowe rodzinne miejsca w Polsce
Wybrane przez rodziców, zatwierdzone przez dzieci. To pomysł na rodzinne wakcje z dziećmi z gotowym planem pobytu. Po prostu Polska jest piękna. Zobacz!
homes  vacation  poland 
5 weeks ago by antiraum

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