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jackie becker
Totnes Clinic of Homeopathy
t: 01803 867747 m: 07792059867
17 days ago by balbutt
Snake Oil Supplements — Information is Beautiful
A cool chart that represents actual scientific data on health supplements, indicating which ones appear to truly create improved outcomes.
datavis  health  medicine  homeopathy 
28 days ago by sawtoothwave
Turning Ranch Homeopathics Plants, Animals and People
TRH Some products come from Germany
Our Homeoplant products are soil enhancers exclusively for use on plants and soil.
Homeopathy  Farm  Dental 
november 2018 by balbutt
How to Use Thuja Occidentalis for Warts Removal? | Wartly
Some useful info but was written by a machine, replete w syntactical and grammatical errors
thuja  homeopathy  reference  wart  treatment 
september 2018 by csrollyson

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