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Tinkering with old 8 bit home computers to see what can be done with modern solutions.
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4 days ago by jmcd
Son of Fermentation Chiller plans
Build plans for Son of a Fermentation Chiller
8 days ago by mskblackbelt
homebrew-core/swiftgen.rb at d3e8bb0dfdf5c3ed4a4a72645805290169b88c66 · Homebrew/homebrew-core
# Install bundler, then use it to `rake cli:install` SwiftGen
ENV["GEM_HOME"] = buildpath/"gem_home"
system "gem", "install", "bundler"
ENV.prepend_path "PATH", buildpath/"gem_home/bin"
swiftgen  ruby  formula  gems  homebrew  install  installers 
9 days ago by phatblat
How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes
Since the recent NPM, RubyGems, and Gentoo incidents, I’ve become increasingly interested, and concerned, with the potential for package managers to be used in supply chain attacks to distribute…
security  github  homebrew 
12 days ago by zchi
How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes
If I were a malicious actor, I could have made a small, likely unnoticed change to the openssl formulae, placing a backdoor on any machine that installed it.

If I can gain access to commit in 30 minutes, what could a nation state with dedicated resources achieve against a team of 17 volunteers? How many private company networks could be accessed? How many of these could be used to escalate to large scale data breaches? What other package management systems have similar weaknesses?

This is my growing concern, and it’s been proven time and time again that package managers, and credential leaks, are a weak point in the security of the internet, and that supply chain attacks are a real and persistent threat. This is not a weakness in Homebrew, but rather a systemic problem in the industry, and one where we need more security research.
homebrew  github  security  jenkins  credentials  scary 
12 days ago by jm

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