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3 Helpful Home Construction Tips To Prevent Mold
Preventing mold from entering your home starts with the foundation!
home  construction  mold 
21 hours ago by Adventure_Web
How to Deal With Stress Levels During a Remodel
When everything runs smoothly and efficiently, with the minimal amount of stress, you’ve got yourself the most successful remodel you could have.
remodeling  home  stress  reduction 
21 hours ago by Adventure_Web
How should you go about obtaining the perfect home theater? CinemaTech’s ARS system can help.
home  speaker  system  automation  residential 
22 hours ago by Adventure_Web
3 Dangerous Myths to Never Believe About Selling Your Home
When selling your home, finances are everything, and you can’t afford to waste time believing these commonly told lies.
real  estate  selling  your  home  myths 
22 hours ago by Adventure_Web
S.O. Home Cleaning
House cleaners - on the east side of Kingston
home  cleaning 
23 hours ago by SierraEchoHotel
How To: Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern House Numbers
The architect Richard Neutra is one of modernism's iconic artists. He's best known for his integration of both his residential and commercial buildings into their landscape, and for his care in matching his work with the lifestyles of his clients, rather than imposing his own vision over their needs. His attention to detail extended into every element of his buildings, including signage and house numbers. Foundry House Industries says of Neutra's type, "It is no wonder that Neutra specified lettering that was open and unobtrusive, the same characteristics which typified his progressive architecture." You can still get house numbers based...
home  house  DIY 
yesterday by alilja
Home Assistant
Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi.
python  home  automation  homelab 
yesterday by jgillman
Nimtim adds pergola-like extension to 1950s terrace in south London
Timber portals frame large windows and skylights in this extension, which Nimtim Architects has added to the rear of a terraced house in Peckham
architecture  home  influence 
yesterday by prrd

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