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Custom Map Prints, Star Maps and Personalized Posters - Craft & Oak
Design your own custom map print, make your own star map or create your own map wall art with Craft & Oak.
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5 hours ago by lkoniecki
Overcoming A Shameful Past, VA Plans Haven For Homeless Vets In West Los Angeles : NPR
A vast green space in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Los Angeles is slated to become a haven for homeless veterans.
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5 hours ago by javagar
Emergency Cleaning | Unfuck Your Habitat
(James Fraleigh recommended this.)
“So, your landlord/parent/home inspector/favorite movie star is dropping by, and your place is a disaster. You don’t have much time to clean it up. You’re in emergency mode. Let’s get started.”
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16 hours ago by handcoding

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