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Google - Site Reliability Engineering
Special sentinel values wiping a bunch of disks.
"Unfortunately, the empty set was used as a special value, interpreted to mean 'everything.' This means the automation sent almost all the machines we have in all colos to Diskerase."
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september 2018 by damncabbage
Black Rifle Coffee Company GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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may 2017 by architektura
RT : Dét her interview m Nigel Farage her idag efter hvor han indrømmer at leave-annoncerne var en løgn
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june 2016 by kimelmose
Why you shouldn’t share links on Facebook — Medium
RT : “Why you shouldn’t share links on Facebook” – links sent privately through messenger are not private
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june 2016 by mattlehrer
logomono project
Minimum SVG, build the rest There's a reason why we only want viewbox="" and not width/height attributes.. We can use tools to generate the width and height to…
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february 2016 by evilkarlothian

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