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“Hollywood Dream Machines” brings iconic cars to life | Microsoft In Culture
The Petersen Automotive Museum is home to one of the greatest collections of automobiles in the world, including many one-of-a-kind vehicles from film, television, and video games. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the Petersen teamed up with the Comic-Con Museum to spotlight iconic cars in their collection. “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” brings some of the most recognizable automobiles of all time into one exhibit.
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An American Supercar | Petersen Automotive Museum
An American Supercar takes visitors on a journey through the history of Ford’s renowned GT sports car. Using state-of-the-art Microsoft HoloLens technology, visitors are able to join their friends and family for an up-close-and-personal look at the inner workings of the GT and its historical predecessors. A genuine 1967 Ford GT40 Mark III and 2017 Ford GT are brought to life for participants as they learn the cars’ common history and what makes each one remarkable.
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ATLAS is a work situated between digital and visual arts, taking the form of a scenographic exhibition which hosts a mix of real models and an interactive virtual world.

Marie-G. Losseau begins by building imaginary cities by hand alone or with adults and children during workshops.
Then Yann Deval proceeds to scan the houses in 3D as a way to immerse the audience via virtual experiences.

Together, using augmented and mixed reality, they aim to explore these new spaces, from the physical space to the virtual reality and all of the layers in between.
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Le Mont Saint-Michel at MOHAI Seattle | Microsoft In Culture
The famed Mont-Saint-Michel relief map—a 17th century icon of French innovation, history, and culture—comes to life for the first time in the US as an immersive mixed reality experience.
HoloLens  Mont_Saint_Michel  Microsoft 
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Holographic lava-bombs: an exploration into Mixed Reality education - Blog - Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland Museum is currently piloting a Mixed Reality (MR) educational experience that will allow students to peer into an active volcano that is controlled by museum educators who can dial down or fire up the levels of gas and lava. The volcanic simulation or HoloCano, as it has been dubbed, aims to use Microsoft’s HoloLens technology to extend the Museum’s educational offer: just pop on your holographic goggles, ogle a seemingly empty table in front of you and marvel at a volcano appearing in front of your eyes.
HoloLens  Auckland_War_Memorial_Museum  education 
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StoryFutures presents 'Virtual Veronese' - StoryFutures
‘Virtual Veronese’ is a first of its kind R&D prototype developed as part of the UK government’s Creative Cluster’s programme by StoryFutures, a consortia led by Royal Holloway, University of London. StoryFutures & The National Gallery invite you to step back in time and experience Paolo Veronese’s ‘The Consecration of Saint Nicholas’ as it would have been seen in 1562.
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Buzz Aldrin Gives a Virtual Tour of Mars in NASA's New Exhibit | Mental Floss
At the exhibit, titled Destination: Mars, virtual astronauts will don Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality visors and take a guided tour of Mars. Visitors can view several Martian sites that have been generated from real images captured on the planet's surface. A holographic Buzz Aldrin and Curiosity Rover operator Erisa Hines act as tour guides, explaining the significance of each landmark and the discoveries made there. (You can watch an example of HoloLens's "holoportation" technology here.)
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I'm to announce that starting today, we are officially shipping 2 to our enterprise customers... […
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RT : Hanging with the team at test driving the . These folks are about to shock the…
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