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Neu entdecktes Tagebuch: Jeder konnte es wissen | ZEIT ONLINE
Ein Jahrhundert-Dokument: Von 1939 bis 1945 führte Friedrich Kellner, ein kleiner Justizbeamter in der hessischen Provinz, sein politisches Tagebuch. Es zeigt, wie viel der Normalbürger von den Verbrechen des NS-Regimes mitbekam. Jetzt wird Kellners Journal erstmals veröffentlicht.
nationalsozialismus  ZEIT  bücher  holocaust 
3 days ago by anne_joan
The sun may never set on British misconceptions about our empire | Ian Jack | Opinion | The Guardian
How much this avoidance has to do with Britain’s present feelings towards its old empire is hard to know. No doubt the history curriculum has changed since my day and, in any case, feelings about the past come from many other sources than the classroom. But according to a YouGov poll conducted around the time of the Rhodes Must Fall protests two years ago, 43% of British people believed the British empire was a good thing and only 19% a bad thing, with 25% believing it was neither. Furthermore, 44% felt that Britain’s history of colonialism was something to be proud of and only 19% felt it should be regretted. As to the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College, Oxford, only 11% thought it should be removed.
UK  Empire  Kolonialismus  colonialism  history  Sociology  Psychology  Slavery  Holocaust  JimCrow  Jim  Crow  BAME  discrimination  LGBT  Section28  Section  28  humanity 
12 days ago by asterisk2a
בישראל שקלו לתקוף את משרפות אסד | ישראל היום Oct 8, 2017
בהתייעצויות שנערכו בישראל היו דעות בעד ונגד התקיפה, כאשר לכל המשתתפים היה ברור כי לא מדובר באיום ביטחוני על ישראל אלא בעניין מוסרי. בסופו של דבר החליטה גם ישראל להימנע מתקיפה על רקע יחסיה עם ארה"ב ורוסיה, וכדי להימנע מהסלמה לא רצויה בחזית הצפון.
Israel  Damascus  Holocaust  Mar15  attack  decision_making 
28 days ago by elizrael
A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of "home" while living in a residence for disturbed children, 1948
This photograph was taken by David Seymour in a home for emotionally disturbed children located in Warsaw, 1948. There are a few versions of this image, but most of the captions (including one at the War/Photography Exhibit currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum) mention that the subject grew up inside a concentration camp. There’s little information about the girl’s identity, her name was Tereszka, a diminutive version of Teresa. Her eyes are piercing, like a window to her soul. Not the eyes of an innocent youth. She’s probably experienced horrors at that age most will fortunately never have to. Like the soldiers who have seen heavy combat, she’s got the terrifyingly haunting one thousand yard stare.
wwii  holocaust  jewish 
29 days ago by timberwolfoz
Lighting Hanukkah Candles Under the Swastika’s Shadow - The New York Times
One of the essential components of Hanukkah is “persumei nisa,” or publicizing the miracle — the miracle being the triumph of a small band of Jews, the Maccabees, who led a revolt and conquered their Seleucid persecutors in the second century before the Common Era. As tradition has it, when the Holy Temple was being rededicated and its golden menorah lit, there was only enough oil to last for one day. Miraculously, the small supply burned for eight.

The Talmud contains detailed guidelines of how to publicize the miracle, with extensive commentary on where the menorah would be most visible to people walking by. The rabbis also discussed foot traffic in marketplaces: They wanted to make sure that people lit their candles when pedestrians were flooding the streets.

There’s one more crucial detail the rabbis insisted on: In a time of danger, they said, the lighting of the Hanukkah candles can take place in one’s home, on one’s table, away from the gaze of the hostile outside world.
history  religion  judaism  holocaust 
5 weeks ago by atbradley
The Root of All Cruelty? | The New Yorker
Perpetrators of violence, we’re told, dehumanize their victims. The truth is worse.
dehumanization  violence  Holocaust 
5 weeks ago by elizrael
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/914928229839986688
RT : Arch. donates sketch of Nat'l Monument to Crown Coll. w/ C. Cormier, CEO Kristmanson…
Holocaust  from twitter
6 weeks ago by mgprojekt
Harald Welzer zum Holocaust: „Geschichte wird freier ohne Zeitzeugen“ - Politik - FAZ
Der Holocaust kann sich jederzeit wiederholen, sagt Harald Welzer. Im Gespräch warnt der Soziologe vor Gedenkformeln, Vergleichsverboten – und leerem Pathos.
holocaust  FAZ  erinnerungskultur  erinnerungspolitik  gedenken  gedenkpolitik  rassismus 
7 weeks ago by anne_joan
Schüler stellen sich düsterer deutscher Geschichte - Freie Presse - Seite 1
Über die Gräuel des Holocaust wollen Jugendliche im Annaberger IAJ nicht nur aus Schulbüchern lernen. Sie reisen selbst nach Auschwitz und raten das auch anderen.
schule  gedenken  gedenkstätte  holocaust  freie_presse  erzgebirge 
7 weeks ago by anne_joan

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