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Deutsche Fotothek
German map of Warsaw from 1940 with overlaid German street names, and what appears to be demarcation lines of the Warsaw Ghetto…
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RT : Two survivors, , chief rabbi of Poland and dozen others, ride on bicycles from…
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‘Drawing Is Always a Struggle’: An Interview with Art Spiegelman | by Claudia Dreifus | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
One factor that made me go with the second option was that, at the time, there wasn’t a popular culture that was talking about a Holocaust. Today, we’re at a point where, I don’t know, every year at the Academy Awards, there seems to be a Best Holocaust Movie award, separate from all others. But that wasn’t true in the early 1970s.

I take it that you are no fan of Schindler’s List?

I think of it as the feel-good version of that S&M cult classic The Night Porter. There’s a scene in Schindler’s List in which the commandant played by Ralph Fiennes is in bed with a woman, and he takes his handgun and shoots some Jew he sees out the window. The message there, inextricably linked, is that all sex leads to holocausts. They are somehow joined at the hip: the two concepts.

As troubling was the Best Foreign Film in 1999, Life Is Beautiful. It said, ultimately, that if only the victims could just have taken it all with a song in their hearts and tap-danced their way, Chaplin-like, through the barbed wire, then “life” would be “beautiful.” I read somewhere that the director said he’d been inspired by Maus. If that’s true, I would have liked to go back in time and yank the book out of his hands!
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RT : Watch. "This place reminds you to beware of hatred."
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FACT CHECK: 1922 New York Times Article Says Not to Worry About Hitler’s Anti-Semitism
An early New York Times article about Adolf Hitler catastrophically misjudged the authenticity of his anti-semitism.

Fact Check History

1922 New York Times Article Says Not to Worry About Hitler’s Anti-Semitism
An early New York Times article about Adolf Hitler catastrophically misjudged the authenticity of his anti-semitism.

A 1922 New York Times article reported that Adolf Hitler “was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers”.
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Erinnerung an den Holocaust durch Zeitzeugen
Sich richtig und genau zu erinnern ist schwierig, wenn ein Mensch auf sein eigenes Leben zurückblickt. Es wird noch schwieriger, sobald die Erinnerung etwas betrifft, das man gar nicht selbst erlebt hat. Und am schwierigsten, wenn es um etwas so Monströses geht wie den Holocaust.
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