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The Offensive of Charm and Fire by Candle Beck
There was a fire at Baker Street.

As one might expect, it was entirely Sherlock Holmes's fault.
sherlock.holmes  holmes/watson 
27 days ago by missfox
An April's Journey
In which Holmes goes to France for a case and works himself half to death before Watson is called to fetch him to home and health again. Also in which Holmes has an interfering cousin named Michel. + podfic https://archiveofourown.org/works/5251067
!sherlockholmes  holmes/watson  fanfic  podfic 
november 2018 by epaulettes
Undiscovered Country
In which Watson almost dies of an infection meant for Holmes. Or in which many confessions are half-made on the sickbed, and later consummated upon it. The podfic is to die for. https://archiveofourown.org/works/5456003
!sherlockholmes  holmes/watson  fanfic  podfic  starredreview 
november 2018 by epaulettes
Confessions - flawedamythyst - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
One for my newly discovered possessive Sherlock kink. Victorian, Holmes has to tie Watson up while undercover and they both enjoy it.
holmes/watson  sherlockholmes 
august 2018 by tei
Birds to a Lighthouse
It seems almost redundant to bookmark this fic, because it lives inside of me. My perception of the Sherlock Holmes canon will never be the same; this fic is a background for every though I’ll ever have about Sherlock Holmes. But here is the bookmark anyway.
holmes/watson  sherlockholmes 
august 2018 by tei
Winter in London - Chapter 1 - Waid - Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
The last stages of a case go dangerously wrong. Afterwards, Watson tries to live with the memory of a terrible bargain in secrecy.
fic  sherlock_holmes  watson  holmes  holmes/watson 
june 2018 by salinea

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