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Congrats to Shea on her new + Folding from !

New in from NYC (where eve…
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20 hours ago by briantrice
The Michael Ovitz Interview: At Home With the Former (and Still Fierce) King of Hollywood
OVITZ In the early '90s, I went up to see Bill Gates. I met a man named Nathan Myhrvold, who was employee number three at Microsoft and was CTO. Graduated UCLA at 15. One of the smartest men I've met. And he said to me, "Michael, whatever comes out of a speaker is going to end up in the ether someplace and be able to be pulled down by people for free." I was an apostle of his point of view. Not that I understood it. I told it to the head of every music company that I was an adviser to. And like anything else in life, they focused on what was immediate, which was quarterly sales of CDs and DVDs.

Connect to The Myth of Infrastructure... find article where he was basically trying to create YouTube.

Plus connect to different pieces I had about Ovitz.

(rebuttle: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/james-andrew-miller-caas-michael-ovitz-writes-a-memoir-writes-history-1147121)

It’s like he wants to get to heaven but doesn’t want to die.
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17 days ago by christopherming
The Next Bechdel Test
"We pitted 50 movies against 12 new ways of measuring Hollywood’s gender imbalance." Top movies in 2016. Not one had more than 50 percent on-set women.
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20 days ago by beyondseven

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