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Urlauben am Huberhof - Im Stall: Ihre Gastgeber
128€; 5 und 8 Zimmer Wohnung in Irdning. Etwas luxuriöser
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8 hours ago by spaetz
Special Places to Stay in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal & Italy | Sawday's
Find the perfect place to stay in Britain, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Inspected, selected and recommended by Sawday's Special Places to Stay.
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8 days ago by ilijusin
How to calculate United States holiday observances
> The rules are pretty simple:

> - If the holiday lands on a Saturday, observance is on the previous Friday.
> - If the holiday lands on a Sunday, observance is on the following Monday.

> This simple set of rules holds true for most holidays here in the United States.
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9 days ago by jefftriplett
Preparing for ...
need to boost my pilot skills :-)
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10 days ago by one1zero1one
Pacing the Cage - by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
Instead, deep inside himself, Spock scorned the humans. With not a laugh, and not unkindly, but still he scorned them because they were so uncontrolled. They were slaves to the body. Their sexuality was rampant; they indulged themselves in physical sensation without thought to the consequences. They did not ally themselves with the universal forces that insured the survival of the species. They surrendered instead to the momentary pleasure.

Spock was still very young for his species, and he was not yet afraid.

Then James Kirk took command of the Enterprise, he of the sea-green, changeable eyes, and the smile that he never denied his second-in-command. When Kirk turned to him on that first day in the transporter room and with a small curving of lips offered him the Vulcan salute instead of forcing a Terran handshake upon him, Spock took the first step on the long journey to true understanding of self, although his cool rationality would have denied it at the time.

Over the next few months, the fact that Kirk was an exceptionally beautiful individual did not concern him. Nor could his charm affect Vulcans. His confident walk was of no consequence. The talent Kirk displayed for command was proof that the Starfleet Admiralty had not been mistaken in appointing such a young human as captain, but it had nothing to do with Spock's personal relationship with Kirk.

It was Kirk's smile that proved to be Spock's undoing. Kirk smiled at him, and offered his laughter too, and somehow with them the implication that he unveiled himself for Spock's personal perusal. Such an unseemly emotional display. So unVulcan. So fascinating.
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21 days ago by runpunkrun

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