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thehoyden: Fic: King and Lionheart
Zhenya looks dumbfounded, like everything he knew was wrong, and it hits Sidney then that Zhenya has thought for months that Sidney had been somehow coerced into their marriage, that he had made his vows with anything less than his own free will. “I wanted to marry you,” Sidney repeats, squeezing Zhenya’s shoulder in emphasis. “And I — I’m so happy I did. I’m so happy, Zhenya.”
fic  slash  Hockey  arrangedmarriage  RPF  marriage  kink:toys  kink:size  unrequited/pining  mutual_obliviousness  pets  kink:af  kink:a  kink:comeshot  meet_the_family  bed_sharing  kink:biting  kink:nippleplay  kink:fwf  kink:comeplay  holiday:christmas  holiday:thanksgiving  holiday:new_year    kink:voice    malkin/crosby 
may 2016 by pkoceres
monj: Fic: Small Victories
“No, I mean.” Jack struggled to explain, knowing they were attracting an audience. “They are both my boyfriends? And each other’s? We all date each other.”

Someone gave a low, muted whistle off to the side, while Beau’s eyebrows shot up. Jack could feel himself start to blush.
fic  slash  polyamory  threesome  kink:video  CheckPlease!  shitty/jack/bitty  coming_out  canonAU  postseries  bitty/jack  kink:voice  kink:d/s  kink:delayedgratification  holiday:christmas  holiday:new_year  RPF  Hockey  malkin/crosby 
may 2016 by pkoceres

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