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Safe Like Springtime - Chapter 1 - neerdowellwolf [Archive of Our Own]
"Where's your school spirit?" Jack grins, that wide shark smile of his. Alex has never smiled that wide, even before he got his incisor knocked out taking a knee to the face during a brawl with Abbotsford. "Last game day of our high school career."

There's that word again. Last. Alex hadn't really thought about it, but now it repeats in his head like the baseline in a song. The spring and summer stretch out in front of him, a long series of Lasts.
baseball  alex.turcotte  AU  slash  hockey.rpf 
7 weeks ago by theladyscribe
Fic: A Fool and His Money [sid/geno, hockey rpf au]
Newly returned from the colonies, Sidney Crosby still has his land and title but is in desperate need of funds. Eager to make a good marriage so as to ensure his sister’s future prospects, Sidney is shocked when his old friend Evgeni Malkin proposes.

Zhenya has been searching for someone just as lovely as Sidney for years so that he might marry and produce heirs. He never expected to find Sidney once again or to have the opportunity to propose. Now that Sidney has agreed to be his husband, Evgeni will have plenty of time to woo Sidney into returning his affections.
!locked  hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:lupinus  (genre:rpf)  (au)  (au:regency)  (content:marriage.of.convenience)  (content:first.time)  (content:mpreg)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:25001-35k) 
april 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: one teaspoon vanilla and a dash of salt [lowry/tanev, hockey rpf]
“Your shoes are too fucking big!” Brandon exclaims, and then thinks about how he definitely did just say that out loud, and regrets everything in his entire life that lead to this moment.

There’s a beat of windy silence.

“Well,” Adam says. He sounds, just… unspeakably, unbearably smug.


5 scenes of Brandon losing his mind +1 scene of Brandon losing his mind, but this time he’s happy about it
hockey.rpf  pairing:adam.lowry/brandon.tanev  author:screwtapedemos  (genre:rpf)  (content:5things)  (content:pining)  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k)  [verse:all.that.and.a.baking.sheet.too] 
april 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: add cinnamon to taste [lowry/tanev, hockey rpf]
“I'm coming over,” Adam says as soon as Brandon picks up the phone.

Brandon is quiet for a second.

“Okay?” he says at last. It's not the most inviting tone but Adam forgives him. “Uh, give me an hour or two-,”

“You have,” Adam pushes open the door to the lobby of Brandon's building, “like, a minute. Maybe.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Brandon says and hangs up.
hockey.rpf  pairing:adam.lowry/brandon.tanev  author:thescrewtapedemos  (genre:rpf)  (content:humor)  (content:baking)  (content:pining)  (  [rating:pants]  (words:10001-15k)  [verse:all.that.and.a.baking.sheet.too] 
april 2019 by midnightbex
Another Time, Another Place - BananaStickers [Archive of Our Own]
They could be good together. Mat knows that; the chemistry he and Sid had at the All-Star Game (on and off the ice) wasn't a fluke.

The winner's room seems like the perfect time for Mat to make his move and turn this silly crush into something more.

Work Text:
sidney.crosby  mat.barzal  mat.barzal/sidney.crosby  hockey.rpf  rpf  explicit  slash 
april 2019 by theladyscribe
Dishonorable Intentions - elenajames [Archive of Our Own]
Sid’s not going to lie to himself. Maybe this did all start out a little Cruel Intentions. Maybe there was a little spite stirred into the mix the first time he let himself flirt with Gostisbehere, and a bit of twisted pleasure when the boy blushed pink.
hockey.rpf  sidney.crosby  shayne.gostisbehere  sidney.crosby/shayne.gostisbehere  rpf 
april 2019 by theladyscribe
Fic: Juvenescence [sid/geno, hockey rpf au]
He was only twenty-six; he’d thought he would have more time.

Twenty-six was a little late for it, really. If he was being honest with himself.
hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:sevenfists  (au)  (content:weird.biology)  (content:cloaca)  (content:mating.cycles/in.heat)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
march 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: Yekaterinburg Standard Time [sid/geno, hockey rpf au]
More and more games were cancelled. In late October, Sid called him and said, “I talked to Pat. You think Metallurg would want me?”

“I call you back,” Zhenya said, and got on the phone with Velichkin at once.
hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:sevenfists  (genre:rpf)  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  (content:lockout)  (content:get.together)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
january 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: Out of the Nest [sid/geno, hockey rpf au]
Geno thinks about standing on his own. Thinks about eight years in a locker room with a man he’s in love with and can’t have. Thinks about what might happen, if that love turns to resentment.

And he says no.
hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:stormdancer  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
january 2019 by midnightbex
What Can Be Said of My Heart - Chapter 1 - downjune [Archive of Our Own]
He sat behind Evgeni in their English class even though Evgeni was taller and sometimes blocked Marc-Andre’s view of the board. Marc-Andre was a back-of-the-class kind of guy. He had a rep to maintain.

or Five Fights Zhenya Starts and One Marc-Andre Finishes
evgeni.malkin  marc-andre.fleury  marc-andre.fleury/evgeni.malkin  hockey.rpf  rpf  AU 
january 2019 by theladyscribe
Fic: A Sure Bet [sid/geno, hockey rpf]
“I’m decide what I want,” he said, setting the marred remains of the apple down on the counter, “for bet.”

“Oh, yeah?” Sid asked, angling in a little, just enough that his hip brushed Geno’s arm. He’d been waiting and he was endlessly curious. What kind of thing took a whole week to come up with?
hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  author:saintroux  (genre:rpf)  (content:established.relationship)  (  (  [rating:no.pants]  (words:5001-10k) 
january 2019 by midnightbex
Fic: I'll Be Your Detonator [kane/toews, hockey rpf]
“Okay,” Patrick says slowly. “Okay. We can figure this out.” And it comes to him in a bolt of insanity, like all his best and worst ideas do, and he’s not sure if he should be impressed or horrified by his own brain, but he says, a little recklessly, “We can get married.”
hockey.rpf  pairing:patrick.kane/jonathan.toews  author:citrusvanille  (genre:rpf)  (content:marriage.of.convenience)  (content:fake.marriage)  (content:coming.out)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:15001-25k) 
december 2018 by midnightbex

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