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Social Media’s Re-engineering Effect, From Myanmar to Germany - The New York Times
When Facebook, YouTube and others use algorithms to keep us engaged, there can be unintended consequences. Max Fisher, his tools in a trusty Patagonia bag, covers the trend as one of The Times’s Interpreter columnists.

I also need to keep myself sane. So I keep my Kindle fully loaded and always pack my noise-canceling, wireless headphones, the Wirecutter-recommended Sony H.ear. Even if I’m stuck in some edge-of-the-world hotel, living off of granola bars, I can always recharge by escaping for an hour into a Grateful Dead show or the second act of “Doctor Zhivago.”
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25 days ago by aries1988
HF Ham Radio on a Budget: QRP Labs, QRPGuys, CW Academy - KE6MT
When I started my amateur radio life as KK6VSI in August of 2015, I wish I could have had the information I’m about to lay out here. Of course, most of the equipment didn’t yet exist. So another way of looking at it is that my entry into amateur radio was perfectly timed for a modern Golden Age of Ham Radio. Part of this Golden Age means you can get a QRP Labs QCX or BITX40, and a QRPGuys Antenna, plus a few other components, and you’re on the air!
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4 weeks ago by drpfenderson

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