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Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info
Dihydrogen Monoxide
resources, information, research and more. Dihydrogen
Monoxide is a dangerous chemical. Buy a Ban Dihydrogen
Monoxide T-shirt.
chemical  chemistry  humor  hoax  dhmo  satire 
yesterday by dizzzz
Cat will eat rat but not cheaper catfood
Published as a real story by a Scottish newspaper
hoax  cats 
21 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Farmers' Museum
this is near where Graham from KSR lives! and had the Cardiff Giant!
hoax  history  usa  culture  museum 
6 weeks ago by akamediasystem
Claas Relotius Reporter Forgery Scandal - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The plan, as happens frequently in journalism, didn't work out. Relotius couldn't find any suitable figures for weaving a story, he couldn't make any headway with the idea. He sent emails back home, including to colleagues at DER SPIEGEL, complaining that he was stuck. He found himself in a situation that every reporter is familiar with: There simply isn't a story. In cases like this, quick decisions are necessary: Abort the story or continue? Give it another go or drop it? Look for a new angle or return home?
narrative  derspiegel  hoax  relotius 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
The Myspace-era bands keeping the internet's weirdest music genre alive
Had Gvcci Hvcci really faked her own death for recognition? The answer is murky. Some community members aren't convinced that the Gvcci Hvcci who returned is the same artist from 2011. 

"I just never denied anything and I was playing along with the myth of Gvcci Hvcci," Lobo admitted. "The producer found a different girl, or unreleased tracks, I'm not sure which. I didn't really keep up with the story but it's funny how people are still speculating years later." ...

When musicians like Gvcci Hvcci fake their deaths, or when artists like White Ring return from a years-long hiatus, it helps revitalize the community. Like any dedicated fanbase, lovers of the niche genre get excited when they hear news about their favorite artists, good or bad.

Without witch house, we wouldn't have mainstream artists like Charli XCX, Chvrches, and Grimes, who've attributed parts of their style and sound to this genre of music.
witch-house  music  underground  hiphop  internet  subculture  electronica  indie  hoax  humbug  genre 
6 weeks ago by StJohnBosco
“The Spiegel Scandal and the Seduction of Storytelling”
What shows up here is called the narrative distortion, story bias. You have the story in your head, you know what sound readers or colleagues want to hear. And you deliver what works.” And it worked. Relotius was so well-known for his style that his magazine had a label for it: “the Relotius sound.”
narrative  hoax  Germany  relotius 
7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Spammed Bomb Threat Hoax Demands Bitcoin
A new email extortion scam is making the rounds, threatening that someone has planted bombs within the recipient’s building that will be detonated unless a hefty bitcoin ransom is paid by the end of the business day.
security  extortion  hoax 
9 weeks ago by emkay
React App
For this experiment, images of faces will flash for 5 seconds.
After each image disappears, answer whether you think the face was real or fake.
hoax  game  images  ai 
10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Jewish man sentenced to 10 years in jail for making antisemitic bomb threats
An autistic Israeli-American has been jailed for 10 years for making bomb threats against US Jewish institutions.
racism  usa  hoax  terrorism 
10 weeks ago by pankkake
Black college lacrosse player is arrested for racist N-word and swastika graffiti | Daily Mail Online
Fynn Ajani Arthur, a 21-year-old Goucher College student from Brunswick, Maine, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Towson, Maryland.
racism  usa  education  hoax 
10 weeks ago by pankkake

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