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Evelyn Berezin, 93, Dies; Built the First True Word Processor | Hacker News
NY Times piece on first word processor designed by a women programmer who started her own company to sell the software and hardware in 1969.
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2 days ago by koozie
ATDT relief | Hacker News
stories about phones and linux systems.
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3 days ago by koozie
Archiving C64 Tapes Correctly | Hacker News
How to pull data from C64 tabes or old drives. Links to present day tools to help.
c64  c128  commodore  hn 
3 days ago by koozie
DigitalOcean launches its container service | Hacker News
rvice limits that apply to all products including ec2 for this exact (and other abusive) reasons. In fact, the aws limits are even more c
scale  digitalocean  aws  amazon  hn  webhost  webdev  vps  ec2  kubernates 
3 days ago by otlib

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