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Facebook vs PREP
Running misleading ads from a liability lawyer has public health risks
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‘Undetectable Equals Untransmittable’ (U=U) Consensus Statement
Le evidenze scientifiche ormai sono incontrovertibili: le persone con l’HIV che seguono correttamente una terapia antiretrovirale e che abbiano una carica virale non rilevabile da almeno sei mesi, non trasmettono il virus ai loro partner o alle loro partner.
Si tratta di una novità dirompente per le politiche di prevenzione dell’HIV e per la lotta alla discriminazioni che colpiscono da decenni le persone con HIV ma ancora non conosciuta a sufficienza. A rilanciarla la dichiarazione condivisa “Undetectable=Untransmittable" (U=U #UequalsU) promossa da Prevention Access Campaign con il sostegno dei ricercatori degli studi più importanti effettuati nel mondo su questo tema e sottoscritta da decine di associazioni tra cui la LILA.
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RT : Stigma and discrimination don’t help stop .
Antiretroviral medicines, condoms and information do.

A caring…
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13 days ago by dalcrose
Who Owns H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs? The Taxpayers, U.S. Says - The New York Times
In an unexpected lawsuit, federal officials claim that Gilead Sciences willfully disregarded government patents on medicines necessary to end the AIDS epidemic.
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26 days ago by casfindad
'MTV Shuga' has made a real difference in the fight against HIV
In South Africa, being gay is legal—but it’s not elsewhere on the continent. One of MTV Shuga Down South’s main plotlines concerned a male high school student coming out to his friends and family. This likely wouldn’t go over well in most of Africa, so MTV developed a second version of the season where the character is still gay, but the plot focuses on his relationship with his father as opposed to his sexuality. MTV gave every African broadcaster the option to choose either storyline. In all but South Africa, they opted for the storyline that wasn’t about the boy coming out.

Later, the season’s original storyline appeared on YouTube, where people from all over Africa ended up seeing it. “We started to moderate [the YouTube comments], because it was pretty homophobic and angry,” says Arnold. “But then what we saw was that our audience from across the world was pushing back and saying, ‘You may not feel that this is right for your country, but you need to accept this.'” As the show progressed, the homophobic comments on YouTube diminished, until, Arnold says, “there were hardly any at all.”

“I don’t think we have radically change people’s minds in these countries were it’s illegal to be gay,” she says. “What I think we did was allow audiences to accept who [the character] is.”
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