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'Looks good enough to eat': inside the home of Japan's fake food industry | World news | The Guardian
'Looks good enough to eat': inside the home of Japan's fake food industry
The town of Gujo Hachiman is the centre of the replica food industry now worth an estimated $90m
japan  food  rest  history 
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Project Riese: The Secret Nazi Tunnels in Poland
A massive underground complex and tunnel system. Führer’s intended headquarter or weapons factory?
war  history 
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The woman who invented abstract algebra | Cosmos
And as Emmy Noether taught us, whenever a symmetry is broken, that means something is being lost.
physics  history  algebra  math  people 
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U.S. Reports | Library of Congress
United States Reports is a series of bound case reporters that are the official reports of decisions for the United States Supreme Court.
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