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Project Zelda 3D: The Development of Zelda 64 - Unseen64
"What happened to Zelda 64 and why Ocarina of Time is just a tiny part of their original project? Take some time and be prepared for one of the most epic legends ever: birth, development, death and rebirth of the Zelda 3D project for Nintendo 64, a game that was so ambitious that it was never really completed."
video  games  history  nintendo  zelda  oot 
10 hours ago by ddribin
Facts About the Vietnam War, Part V: Bad Strategy, Bad Leadership Doomed South Vietnam as Much as the Curtailing of U.S. Aid
By Arnold R. Isaacs : "This is the fifth and final installment in a short series before the documentary series The Vietnam War (directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick) premieres this Sunday. "
(this is the last part with ToC to all 4 previous articles)
multipart  war  history  vietnam  us 
11 hours ago by mechazoidal
Course: Databases for Historians
This Handbook provides an introduction to designing databases for use in historical research. It will provide an overview of important concepts – both historical in nature and in terms of databases – that the historian will need to consider before embarking upon designing a database, and it will provide a number of starting points for overcoming certain design problems that specifically affect historians when they come to wrestle their sources into a database.
database  history  research 
12 hours ago by cygnoir
Computer Chronicles : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Hosted by Stewart Cheifet, Computer Chronicles was the world's most popular television program on personal technology during the height of the personal computer revolution. It was broadcast for twenty years from 1983 - 2002. The program was seen on more than 300 television stations in the United States and in over 100 countries worldwide, with translations into French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. The series had a weekly television broadcast audience of over two million viewers.
tv  video  history  computer  internet 
12 hours ago by rsgranne
The History of Email
A brief look at how and why email was invented.
email  history 
12 hours ago by geetarista
Sears's History Predicts Almost Everything Amazon's Doing - The Atlantic
One hundred years ago, a retail giant that shipped millions of products by mail moved swiftly into the brick-and-mortar business, changing it forever. Is that happening again?
misc  sears  amazon  retail  mailorder  hn  history 
14 hours ago by otlib
Git Archaeology Tool DeepGit
A tool to deeply trace the history of given lines of code, and see how they were moved around.
programming  git  vcs  history  tools  archeology 
14 hours ago by acemarke
Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer
“We have been taught that ignorance and hate lead to racist ideas, lead to racist policies,” Kendi said. “If the fundamental problem is ignorance and hate, then your solutions are going to be focused on education, and love and persuasion. But of course [Stamped from the Beginning] shows that the actual foundation of racism is not ignorance and hate, but self-interest, particularly economic and political and cultural.” Self-interest drives racist policies that benefit that self-interest. When the policies are challenged because they produce inequalities, racist ideas spring up to justify those policies. Hate flows freely from there.

The self-interest: The Portuguese had to justify their pioneering slave trade of African people before the pope.

The racist idea: Africans are barbarians. If we remove them from Africa and enslave them, they could be civilized.

“We can understand this very simply with slavery. I’m enslaving people because I want to make money. Abolitionists are resisting me, so I’m going to convince Americans that these people should be enslaved because they’re black, and then people will start believing those ideas: that these people are so barbaric, that they need to be enslaved, or that they are so childlike that they need to be enslaved.”
history  racism  pedagogy  freire_project 
14 hours ago by jfbeatty

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