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Explainer: Why you should care about ‘Chevron deference’
Embed from Getty Images Even if you’ve been closely following the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Judge Neil Gorsuch, you probably missed this seven-word statement by Democrat Amy…
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The Last London, Ian Sinclair | London Review of Books
How much applies of this applies to your own home city, like Seattle or San Francisco?
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Obituary of Pastor C. Briggs | Usrey Funeral Home located in Tallad...
Obituary of Pastor C. Briggs

Max C. Briggs, Sr., age 79, now resides in glory with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Max Sr. was bom September 15,1931 in Crenshaw County Alabama. He is the son of John Harvey and Lula Viola Briggs who preceded him to Glory. His infant daughter also precedes him in death.

A long-term resident of Talladega Alabama, Max spent his life in the preaching and teaching of God's Word. Max Sr. was called into the ministry and ordained as a Minister at Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Wetumpka, Alabama in October 1956. He is a veteran of the Korean War.

He was pastor of many churches both in Georgia and Alabama. He retired from the ministry after faithful service at Central Baptist Church in Talladega.

Max and Louise Folmar Briggs celebrated 60 years of marriage in August 2010. He is the proud father of 3 children, Angela Briggs Boozer, Debora Briggs Sutton, and Max Briggs, Jr. and the father in law to David, Steve and Shiela. He takes great pride in being the grandfather of 13 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Celebration services will be held at Central Baptist Church in Talladega, Alabama Sunday October 10, 2010. Visitation with the family will begin at 1:00 at Central Baptist Church with the services at 3:00 p.m. Usrey Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. The interment will be held at Pine Hill Cemetery in Talladegay Alabama. Following the gravesite services the family will return to Central Baptist Church to visit with those who wish to celebrate a man and a life filled with God's Amazing Grace.
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Is there more to the legendary lover than his reputation? | Aeon Essays
In reality, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was a far more complex and intriguing figure, a libertine, to be sure, but so much more. And – in case there is any doubt – he was a real person. Born in Venice on 2 April 1725, he was the obscure son of a somewhat famous actress and courtesan named Zanetta Farussi and a forgotten actor, Gaetano Casanova
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