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Bald's Leechbook
Bald's Leechbook (also known as Medicinale Anglicum) is an Old English medical text probably compiled in the ninth-century, possibly under the influence of Alfred the Great's educational reforms.
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Do this in remembrance of me: The Eucharist from the Early Church to the Present Day
by Bryan Spinks. See also Teresa Berger, who writes feminist histories of liturgy
christianity  history  eucharist 
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Abandoned Mine Lands | Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Brief information about gold mining in California and the environmental impacts of mining
american  cal-gold  california  history  mining  american-west  goldrush 
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Gold | USGS
Provides an introduction to gold throughout history
american  cal-gold  california  history  mining  goldrush  metalwork 
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Environmental Impact in the Gold Rush Era | Calisphere
Provides a brief summary of the impacts of gold mining, with many old photos of gold mining and hydraulic mining
american  cal-gold  california  history  mining  images  american-west  goldrush 
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Mercury Contamination from Historical Gold Mining in California | USGS
Provides background information on the use of mercury in historical gold mining and processing operations in California, and describes projects that address the potential risks associated with mercury contamination
cal-gold  california  american  history  mining  goldrush 
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