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80 Years Ago, Hilaire Belloc Predicted Radical Islam's Re-Emergence
'His insight into Islam at a time England was preoccupied—with Hitler, communism abroad, and a fascist movement at home—was exceptional. And penetrating.'
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            Among the few flaws in Albion’s Seed is that Fisher succumbs to the temptation of overextending how far his thesis can be stretched in its application to American history as a whole. Fisher is on firm ground when he argues how thoroughly his four British folkways shaped the cultural map of America and that these distinctive cultures have indeed a lasting effect to this day. Fisher however is reluctant to admit the extent to which his paradigm breaks down as America moves chronologically further from the colonial period and experiences new waves of emigration. Perhaps his furthest bridges too far are his discussion of presidential elections (all the way to 1988) and his speculations about differing crime rates from region to region. Fisher briefly discusses non-British cultures’ impact on America, but his colonial coverage arguably gives too short shrift to German émigrés (though he does lump in German Pietists with Pennsylvania’s Quakers).
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