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CFP: Digital Cartography: New Maps, Ancient History, November 2-3, Call For Papers | Ancient World Mapping Center
Digital Cartography: New Maps, Ancient History

November 2 and 3, 2018

at Duke University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Co-organizers: Mary T. Boatwright, Maurizio Forte, Richard Talbert

Keynote speaker: Dr George Bevan, Associate Professor of Geography and Planning (cross-appointed to Art History/Conservation, Geological Science and Engineering, and Classics), Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

Duke’s Departments of Classical Studies and of Art and Art History and Visual Studies, in partnership with the Ancient World Mapping Center at UNC Chapel Hill, seek paper proposals for Digital Cartography, a conference on digital mapping and its multiple potential applications for a richer understanding of ancient history. We invite papers on individual or collaborative projects involving such approaches as mapping, photogrammetry, G.I.S. and remote sensing, virtual reality systems, the documentation of archaeological data, and communication both in the classroom and to a wider public. Preference will be given to proposals from graduate students and junior faculty.
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VIA / Virtual Itineraries of Academics
VIA / Virtual Itineraries of Academics is an exploratory interface to browse the academic travels of early-modern scholars.
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