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Flowers of Transylvania by David Ely
1741, Transylvania. A young woman finds herself a prisoner of Count Dracula. The good news: Dominic, her first love, is a guard in the castle. But can she trust him?
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4 weeks ago by davextreme
Historical Fiction - Austin Public Library - OverDrive
See search results in the Austin Public Library digital collection.
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march 2019 by nyjelj
Went to Munich several times to research the Falcon series. Wish I had time to pop in for a quic…
historicalfiction  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by daisyk
Holiday Historical Fiction Blowout – 8 Authors, 8 Days, 8 Great Sales! | Charlene Newcomb
Get swept away to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire (past & present), the Crusades, the War of the Roses, the Regency era, and the Golden Age of Piracy. Eight authors share the history and setting of their books. Be sure to follow the links after my post to read all the authors' posts and then go…
october 2017 by lovesrain44
historical shelf for This Gay Book I Loved (showing 1-23 of 23)
This Gay Book I Loved has 23 books shelved: Summerwode, The Peacock's Eye, One Perfect Night, The Bellingham Bloodbath, Civil Wars, Angels of Istanbul, T...
october 2017 by lovesrain44
吴泽泉 晚清翻新小说考证_古代文学_文艺史料_中国网络文学联盟

翻新小说 in late Qing (阿英 classifies them as 拟旧小说 in 晚清小说史) hit a high point around 1909. In that year, Lu Shi'e alone wrote four (《新三国》、《新三国志》、《新水浒》、《新野叟曝言》 -- the second a pseudonymous rewrite of the first, in which Zhuge Liang invents either an electric car or a train).
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june 2017 by jdmartinsen
How to Create Feminist Stories in a Historical Setting | Frock Flicks
We recently got ranty about The White Princess, specifically, the fact that at least one bit of publicity was touting it as being “feminist” since it featured a bunch of female leads. Trystan laid out her take on how to ACTUALLY create feminist stories: “all you need is for the female characters to have as much agency as the males.” And this got me thinking, and wanting to add my own thoughts about this issue.
feminism  writing  storytelling  fiction  history  historicalfiction 
june 2017 by laurenipsum
Ursula Le Guin Has Earned a Rare Honor. Just Don’t Call Her a Sci-Fi Writer. - The New York Times
"The speech, and her outrage, went viral. “A writer in her mid-80s simply has less to lose,” she said. “An author in midcareer who defies the hegemony of Google and Amazon, and names their immoral or unfair practices as such, takes an immediate risk of vengeance from them and of enmity from fellow writers who are cozy with them. I’m taking the same risks, but what the hell. My work is out there — visible, existent.”

Many younger writers cite Ms. Le Guin as an inspiration, including David Mitchell and Neil Gaiman. In an email, Junot Díaz talked about “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” Ms. Le Guin’s parable about a society whose happy existence depends on keeping one small child locked away in misery. Most citizens of Omelas accept that deal. A few do not.

“That story is both a call and a practice for Le Guin,” Mr. Diaz said. “She has spent all these decades trying to chart a path for those who wish to walk away from Omelas — also known as the horror of our civilization.”

“The Complete Orsinia” is Ms. Le Guin in a quieter key. “The editorial challenge of the Library of America is to strike a balance,” said Max Rudin, the library’s publisher. “On the one hand to publish writers and works that are indisputably part of the American canon, and on the other hand to publish books that stretch people’s imagination of what great American writing is.”

In the introduction, she quotes from a 1975 notebook in which she wrote that much of her work was concerned with one central notion: “True pilgrimage consists in coming home.” The hero of “Malafrena” must leave his provincial farm only to find it again.

“There’s a difference between the circle and the spiral,” Ms. Le Guin said. “We say the Earth has a circular orbit around the sun, but of course it doesn’t. You never come back to the same place, you just come back to the same point on the spiral. That image is very deep in my thinking.”

“Orsinia” has another spiral: As Ms. Le Guin’s works are being put in the canon, she has largely stopped writing. “The fiction isn’t coming. You can’t get water from a dry well.” She still writes poetry, which is a consolation.

There remains that other big legacy-cementing possibility. Last year, Ms. Le Guin was given Nobel odds of 25-1. Her conclusion: “All I have to do in the next 25 years is outlive the other 24 writers.”"
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september 2016 by robertogreco
Reviews | Historical Novel Society
About our Reviews
Over the last 15 years The Historical Novels Review (the society’s print magazine for our members) has published reviews of some 12,000 historical fiction books. We plan to upload them all and make them searchable here.
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october 2015 by blissthisway

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