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The Ballad of Brother Spock - by mattygroves
He awoke to a pounding headache and a view of the most piercing blue eyes he had ever seen. They belonged to a young man who must have been around Spock’s own age, wearing a leather jerkin over leggings. Blue-eyes pulled back with a grin on his face.

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” he drawled. “You’re not like other monks, are you?”

When Spock did not answer, he continued.

“Sulu’s pretty angry about the headache you gave him,” he nodded toward a man from the East who was sitting on a nearby log with a bloody cloth to his head and a glare directed at Spock.

“I believe,” Spock said, his voice rusty, “The correct phrase in this situation is ‘turnabout is fair play.’”

For a moment blue-eyes stared at him and Spock was certain he would receive another blow to his head for insolence. Then the young man laughed—a hearty contagious laugh. Spock had to train his own mouth to retain its studied indifference.

“James Kirk,” blue-eyes held out his hand before remembering that Spock had been tied to the tree at his back. Kirk pulled the hand back a little sheepishly. “You’ve met Sulu—finest swordsman on both sides of the Euphrates. And that’s Bones fussing with the salves and whatnot. Uhura there packs a mean punch, so stay on her good side. And little Chekov here came praying all the way from the Crimea, but we soon cured him of that. And these,” he waved a hand carelessly around him, “Are my merry men. And woman. Seriously, don’t mess with her.”

Spock looked at Kirk for a long moment. “If this is robbery,” he said, “You are out of luck. I carry nothing of value.”

“Of course not,” Kirk replied, biting into an apple with a loud crunch. “What sad idiot would bother robbing a monk? This is a kidnapping.”
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7 days ago by runpunkrun
The Bathing Dress: Fashion in the Georgian Era | Jane Austen's World
One wonders how much the habit of wearing a bathing gown in a bath had to do with modesty. The time it took to prepare for a bath was long and arduous. Water had to be hauled from the well, heated in sufficient quantities, and then hauled up the stairs before the water cooled. One did not take a quick bath in such an instance, but would linger in the tub until the water became too cold for comfort. One imagines that a roaring fire kept the room (and bather) warm. In those days, aristocratic women entertained visitors in their dressing rooms while wearing elaborate dressing gowns. As shown in the scene below, they also entertained visitors while bathing.
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8 days ago by timberwolfoz
Human Footnotes
Pairing: A/C (in a quiet friendly way), the Bentley
Rating: PG
Summary: Adventures in the 1920's.
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19 days ago by esther_a

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