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RISD Museum Theory and History of Art and Design (THAD) Museum Fellows
In collaboration with RISD’s Theory and History of Art and Design department, the Museum offers selected art history concentrators an opportunity to earn THAD credit working for a semester in a curatorial department or with the Museum’s conservator, depending on departmental needs. This program, administered by THAD, allows students to learn firsthand about the behind-the-scenes activities in the Museum.
museum  Academic  Historic  curator  conservation 
15 days ago by risdgrants
Amerika Esperanto-Akademio - Vikipedio
now defunct Esperanto group in N and S America for literature
Esperanto  literature  group  historic 
7 weeks ago by rheotaxis
Palestine: Jewish Settlers Torch 100 of World's Oldest Olive Trees
Palestinians report that Israeli settlers have burned down agricultural land including valuable olive trees, while Israeli forces prevented the Palestinian owners from putting out the fires; Israeli press reports that the cause of the fire is “unknown” and that Israelis and Palestinians “worked together” to extinguish it.
Palestine  Israel  fire  olive  trees  historic  Jesus 
11 weeks ago by Quercki
Laws of Magnetic Attraction - goseaward - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Potter, war hero, comes home after sustaining an injury in the service of his country--only to find that the war at home is much more dangerous. WWII nonmagic AU.
fic:hp  historic  pairing:harry/severus  words:10-20k 
11 weeks ago by Emi226

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