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HAIRCUT DAY - most popular print- sketch from the 60's - by D. Messenger - copy - free shipping in USA. Large is in 2019 | Art | Drawings, Art, Sketches
From Pinterest: Barber hipster - « Jour de coupe de cheveux » ! Peut-être fin des années 50, début 60 s, ma maman de dessin. Original n’est pas à vendre. Mignon, sur du papier roulé acide libre « Ivoire » ton ; une copie. Cest une image tiré à part, la propriété, vous pouvez voir des marques danciens et de lignes, il est très beau, des années 50, je crois ; Cest une copie du dessin plus populaire de maman. Aucune revente de cette image ne peut être entrepris que ce soit. Droit dauteur est ferme. D. 2013 ...
ifttt  pinterest  Barber  hipster  -  «  Jour  de  coupe  cheveux  »  !  Peut-être  fin  des  années  50  début  60  s  ma  maman  dessin.  Original  n’est  pas  à  vendre.  Mignon  sur  du  papier  roulé  acide  libre  Ivoir 
may 2019 by errehache
A catchy name, great tag line, extensive menu *and* maneki-neko. What’s not to like?
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may 2019 by schee
Man threatens to sue magazine for using his photo in article about hipsters looking alike, before realising it isn't him | The Independent
A man threatened to sue a magazine for using his picture in an article about hipsters looking alike, only to learn the photo was of someone else who closely resembled him. MIT Technology Review published a story  about a mathematical study which purports to explain “why anti-conformists always end up looking the same”.
hipster  article  stock  photo  similarity  funny 
april 2019 by raphman
Welcome to AirSpace | The Verge
A description of the international hipster aesthetic.
hipster  aesthetic 
april 2019 by miikka
The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review
You’ve probably seen this effect—perhaps you are a victim of it. You feel alienated from mainstream culture and want to make a statement that you are not part of it. You think about wearing different clothes, experimenting with a new hairstyle, or even trying unconventional makeup and grooming products.

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And yet when you finally reveal your new look to the world, it turns out you are not alone—millions of others have made exactly the same choices. Indeed, you all look more or less identical, the exact opposite of the countercultural statement you wanted to achieve.

This is the hipster effect—the counterintuitive phenomenon in which people who oppose mainstream culture all end up looking the same. Similar effects occur among investors and in other areas of the social sciences.

How does this kind of synchronization occur? Is it inevitable in modern society, and are there ways for people to be genuinely different from the masses?

Today we get some answers thanks to the work of Jonathan Touboul at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. Touboul is a mathematician who studies the way the transmission of information through society influences the behavior of people within it. He focuses in particular on a society composed of conformists who copy the majority and anticonformists, or hipsters, who do the opposite.

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And his conclusion is that in a vast range of scenarios, the hipster population always undergoes a kind of phase transition in which members become synchronized with each other in opposing the mainstream. In other words, the hipster effect is the inevitable outcome of the behavior of large numbers of people.
hipster  effect  piercing 
march 2019 by eljojo
The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review
This is the hipster effect—the counterintuitive phenomenon in which people who oppose mainstream culture all end up looking the same. Similar effects occur among investors and in other areas of the social sciences.
hipster  fashion  conformity  trends  review  TechnologyReview  2019 
march 2019 by inspiral

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