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Rocky Dutschke '68
WDR 3 Hörspiel: "Live geschaltet aus drei Studios" hören wir zwölf Redakteure, ausgewählt in einem Preisausschreiben: Wolf Biermann, Margret Kleinert, die Redakteurin für "Gedenken ohne Schmerzen", schließlich sogar Heiner Müller. Man spricht über Hobbies, Arbeit und Rudi Dutschke. Der geht in diesem Hörspiel noch einmal auf die große Reise nach West-Berlin. Er stürmt die Kaufhäuser und verfängt sich in den ideologischen Schlingen des Kapitalismus. // Von: Christoph Schlingensief / WDR 1996

MP3: https://wdrmedien-a.akamaihd.net/medp/podcast/weltweit/fsk0/161/1612768/wdr3hoerspiel_2018-03-12_rockydutschke68_wdr3.mp3

[audio src="https://wdrmedien-a.akamaihd.net/medp/podcast/weltweit/fsk0/161/1612768/wdr3hoerspiel_2018-03-12_rockydutschke68_wdr3.mp3"]
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may 2018 by walt74
Why Did Some Countercultural Types Vote For Trump? - Mondo 2000
These seem like fairly accurate observations, as far as they go. (Could probably use a side of "lots of people are just racist as hell".)
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may 2018 by brennen
Plomlompom: Politics, Human Nature, Psychology
Good one from Christian:
If there are psychological barriers to progressive politics, then progressive politics may need progressive psychotherapy. This, too, is an old idea. It greatly influenced the western counter-cultural movements of the 1960s, the Sexual Revolution (a term coined by communist psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, as title for a 1936 book subtitled "for the socialist restructuring of humans"), the use of LSD in the peace and hippie movements. In retrospect, a lot of this collective psychotherapy ended up well integrated into the machineries of capitalism and sexual exploitation. But a lot of it also shattered at least some norms of bourgeois society, spawned ongoing emancipatory developments, and still provokes telling anger in reactionary circles.

Hedonism was one important aspect of the 1960s explosion. And I think it's still a necessary therapeutic ingredient of radical politics. Basically, it's the study and practice of a joyful life, of joyful experience; a science of happiness. Hedonism does not necessarily mean drugs, sex, and partying; it might also mean things like meditation, strolls through nature, or just friendly interaction. Maybe that does not sound very revolutionary by itself. But a politics of pleasure and satisfaction, or the withdrawal of these, is central to much structuring of human relations. A lot of capitalism depends on creating or keeping desires unsatisfied, of keeping happiness scarce. Repression often works through the power of unbalanced negative emotions in those it employs and affects. Pleasure and satisfaction are rationed as a means of control, or tied to obedience. To teach people self-reliant strategies for happiness strengthens them to shake off control, to ward off intimidation, to overcome fears and insecurities that play into the hands of authoritarianism.
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may 2018 by walt74
Summer of Love Shows, Movies & Festivals Beg Question: What Went Wrong with Hippie Intellectuals? by Doniphan Blair September 11, 2017
Summer of Love are still being relished by raja rock guitarists in Pakistan, Brazilian hippies and old Grateful Dead fans, like Minnesota's Senator Al Franken or the overweight longhairs decked out in their finest tie-dye for Jerry Garcia Day. Held on August 6th, Jerry Day has happened annually for 15 years in an amphitheater built for The Dead's lead guitarist in a park near his childhood home in southern San Francisco.

There’s also the Rainbow Family, a loose affiliation of hippies, alternative thinkers and road dogs, who’ve been gathering for a free festival every fourth of July since 1972 in a national park paradise, often over objections from park authorities or Native Americans.

About six thousand Rainbowers did so again this year, I was honored to witness (full disclosure: it was my sixth; I started in 1976, Montana). Held in a gorgeous glade in the mountains east of Bend, Oregon, their shouts of “welcome home” and "love you," ecstatic drum circles and proclivity for hugs, psychedelics and Rainbow folk songs appeared unchanged by the intervening half century, although the sanitation, kitchens and performances had improved amazingly, and marijuana was legalized in Oregon in 2015.
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september 2017 by juandante

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