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What Is the IT Band? | Yoga Poses for the IT Band - Yoga Journal
The IT band is a multipurpose tendon that runs down the length of the outer thigh. Here are 3 yoga poses that can help keep it healthy.
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5 days ago by ewpt3ch
As one of the few people in “the team” who is on social media because I’m a , Thank you to everyone who h…
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21 days ago by firehawk12
7 Vizi Capitale
Ecco a voi la SIGLA ufficiale di SUBURRA - La serie, la prima prodotta in Italia da NETFLIX, disponibile nel mondo in 190 paesi. Buona visione e buona CONDIvisione di questa canzone che racconta Roma, oggi.
Testo: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/sette-vizi-capitale-seven-deadly-sins.html
Music  Italiano  Hip  Hop  Roma  Suburra  Television 
28 days ago by dbourn
By rapping The Iliad, USC classics professor makes ancient literature relevant again
Brandon Bourgeois believes that, by translating the entirety of Homer’s The Iliad into rap lyrics, he can help students better appreciate the classic poem.
Bourgeois arrived this summer at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences as a freshly minted assistant professor of classics. His primary area of research focuses on Roman political tradition.
Bourgeois acknowledges that the classics have long been considered the domain of white scholars. The glory of Greece and Rome have even been invoked by white supremacists to allege their superiority. But he notes that the classics have also been used as a tool for emancipation. Frederick Douglass was inspired and informed by a primer on classical oratory that he spirited from the room of his owner’s son. Enslaved Africans across America in the 18th century absorbed the classics to promote insurgency. Bourgeois added that Black Panther Party co-founder Huey Newton reportedly taught himself to read by reading Plato’s The Republic; Newton’s autobiography, Revolutionary Suicide, is actually modeled on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.
Hype 4 Homer: https://soundcloud.com/hype4homer
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4 weeks ago by dbourn
Hip-only Soft Exosuit for both Walking and Running on Vimeo
This video demonstrates the use of the hip-assisting exosuit in different natural environments, and shows how the robotic device senses changes in the gait-specific vertical movements of the center of mass during walking and running to rapidly adjust its actuation.
exosuit  medical  prosthetic  harvard  hip  video  sumi 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Traumatic injury and surgical intervention about the joint place the arterial supply to the femoral head at ri…
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august 2019 by davidgusmao
Dr. Ferguson’s profound understanding of the & anatomy is the foundation of her practice in…
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july 2019 by davidgusmao

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