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Ted and Robin deleted lunch scene from the HIMYM finale. - YouTube
The deleted lunch scene from the How I Met Your Mother finale.
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10 days ago by johncoxon
RT : One of my favorite moments of all time
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april 2017 by albertosesn
Fiero on Spotify
Una playlist para escuchar en viajes laaaaargos
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january 2016 by albertosesn
🎵I'm gonna be (500 miles)🎵
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january 2016 by albertosesn
How I Met Your Mother s7e12 "Symphony of Illumination" | Netflix
ep title: "Symphony of Illumination"
was a good episode, with some well-planned gags around a tense situation. also features glimpses of the prowess of Marshall & Ted (individually) with Christmas lights => cool-ass light shows
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may 2015 by PCjabber

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