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Geospatial indexing on Hilbert curves – Zenly Blog
Zenly is an app that lets our users share their location in realtime with their best friends. Contextual and relevant information is also added on top by processing and analyzing the raw location…
datastructures  quadtree  search  hilbert  gis  geohash 
3 days ago by harrylove
The incredibly challenging task of sorting colours - Alan Zucconi
This post will explore how colours can be sorted, and how this can lead to very different results.
colors  python  hilbert 
october 2017 by Tafkas
So Could Anyone...: Hilbert Curve in Python and Image Compression
After playing with creating a Hilbert Curve in CFDG, I started thinking about how to implement it in Python. I wanted a way to do so which was easy to understand and which only needed a small amount of data to describe the process.
september 2017 by Tafkas
Hilbert curve indexing
Recently I wanted to generate hilbert curve indexing of 2D array as a part of one experiment. The experiment wasn't very successful itself, but I found the resulting Python code for curve generation prety neat to post it.
hilbert  python 
september 2017 by Tafkas

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