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Talk Dirty to Me
QueerOrDie - Henry/Alex, T --- 721

Alex feels strongly about the atrocities that Britain has committed, and Henry agrees.
ao3  rwrb  alex/henry  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  hilarity  established  pov-henry 
5 days ago by we.are.golden
The Art of Romance
ProseApothecary - David/Patrick, M --- 9,295

David might be the most colourful person Patrick's ever met.
ao3  schitt's-creek  david/patrick  *m  w.c::5-10k  ;★★☆  au  college!au  roommates  hilarity  cute  pov-mixed 
4 weeks ago by we.are.golden
If At First You Don't Succeed
Applesandbannas747 - Nick/Seiji, T --- 15,768

You would think that after months of living with someone, you'd be able to recognize them pretty easily. You'd be wrong.
ao3  fence  nick/seiji  *t  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  hilarity  cute 
12 weeks ago by we.are.golden
meek shall inherit
yellow_caballero - Michael/Jeremy, T --- 96,058

"Jeremy Heere was quite possibly the most attractive man ever to grace the Earth, which was a pretty unfortunate quality to have for someone who was literally Satan."

Michael wasn't stalking the hottest, douchiest new transfer student Jeremy Heere. He was just investigating Jeremy's possible connection to an overarching conspiracy that encompassed the entire city and made nerds into picture perfect people. He was just keeping an eye on Jeremy's psychopathic best buddy Rich Goranksi, who always seemed to be talking in code - and asking for help. And he was just teaming up with the school resident theater geek in a covert operation to uncover the mystery of if any of the popular kids had a soul at all.

Maybe he was just trying to figure out why Jeremy Heere looked so sad all the time. And maybe the answer would be far more complicated than he could have ever imagined.
ao3  be-more-chill  jeremy/michael  *t  w.f::40k-more  ;★★★  ;♥  au  canon-div  hilarity  angst  spooky  secret-relationship  case-fic  pov-michael 
april 2019 by we.are.golden
Drastically Redefining Protocol
rageprufrock - Arthur/Merlin, E --- 46,059

In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell promptly breaks loose.
ao3  merlin  arthur/merlin  *e  w.f::40k-more  ;★★★  ;♥♥  au  modern!au  royalty!au  doctor!au  hilarity  feels  cute 
april 2019 by we.are.golden
Severina - Night at the Museum
"That guy?" he asks dubiously.

"He's up to something!" Matt insists. "I think he's casing the joint!"

"Casing the…." John shakes his head. "You're watching too many old crime movies, Matty. You're now officially banned from my Cagney collection. Bogey's out, too."
diehard  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  severina  postcanon  hilarity  wc:1000-5000  saveme 
march 2019 by silentfire
Common Grace
manic_intent - Klaus/Diego/Ben, E --- 3,774

When Diego had decided to turn vigilante, he’d foreseen that he’d likely be shot at, stabbed, punched, and/or assaulted with any number of blunt weapons, often during the same night. He never imagined that’d he’d ever run the possibility of being kidnapped by a skinny priest in order to be sacrificed to some God of Death—

“And Misfortune,” said the priest, “but we don’t advertise that. You’d be surprised how many people are OK with death but Not OK with a teeny bit of bad luck.”
ao3  umbrella-academy  klaus/diego/ben  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  au  mythology!au  hilarity  threesome  tentacles 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
An Exercise In Team Building
Berty - Daniel/Jack, M --- 1,108

Suddenly and unexpectedly telepathic, SG-1 shares some quality team time.
ao3  sg-1  jack/daniel  *m  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  telepathy  hilarity  established  dialogue-only 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
Cesare - John/Rodney, G --- 10,992

"I guess it makes sense you'd be magical," John said, enjoying the Fox's exasperated growl and annoyed muttering about oversimplification. "Talking fox and all."

"Yes, I'm just bursting with pixie dust," said the Fox. "Shut up now."
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *g  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  au  fairytales  hilarity  cute  animal-swap  bedsharing  pov-john 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
Don't Feed Me, Seymour
gyzym - Eames/Arthur, G --- 2,493

"This looks delicious," Eames fucking lies, because the only accurate statement would be This looks like intestines, and he would like Arthur to continue to shagging him.
ao3  inception  arthur/eames  *g  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  hilarity  established  domestic 
march 2019 by we.are.golden
Not A Word
astolat - Arthur/Merlin, M --- 3,440

“Not a word,” Arthur said flatly.
ao3  merlin  arthur/merlin  *m  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  ;♥  hilarity  magic&creatures  first 
february 2019 by we.are.golden
Lock the Door
rageprufrock - Rodney/John, E --- 6,655

"You can't possibly be this stupid," is what Rodney finally decides to start with.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  au  teacher!au  high-school!au  hilarity  pining  timeskip  pov-rodney 
february 2019 by we.are.golden
Secrets Revealed -- Dreams come True
ladyvyola - Rodney/John, T, badfic --- 923

Badfic summary: Rodney's sekritly a virgin and doesn't know what to do when Katie Brown asks him out again. So he goes to his best friend John for help, but when he accidentally sees John naked Rodney realises he's been gay all along. NC-17 NO HET!!
lj-fic  sga  mckay/sheppard  *t  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  comment-fic  hilarity  pov-rodney 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Too Good
crysothemis - Rodney/John, E --- 2,525

So apparently their whole relationship was based on a lie, and it was the best thing ever.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  sex  d/s  kink  hilarity  misunderstanding  cute  pov-john 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Under the Sea
astolat - Rodney/John, E --- 4,405

For svmadelyn's badfic-summary challenge, summary from hyperfocused: Rodney MmmKay's mother always told him smart boys never get the hot guys. Can he pretend to be dumb so hunky pilot John Shep Hard will ask him to the Atlantis: Under the Sea prom? W/ my OC Princess Ancienta. Warnings: ANGST M/M plz rd/rvw
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  ;♥  au  college!au  hilarity  crossdressing  drunk  first  pining  pov-rodney 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
The Dark Side
astolat - Rodney/John, E --- 7,497

"You're not a very good Jedi, are you?" the Sith Lord said.

"Oh, excuse me, I am an excellent Jedi," Rodney said.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  au  star-wars!au  fusion  hilarity  feels  pov-rodney 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Chicago's Most Wanted
Speranza - Fraser/Ray, E --- 42,595

"Of course he got the money--he's Fraser, he's organized, he's a fucking criminal mastermind, what do you think?!"
ao3  due-south  fraser/ray-k  *e  w.f::40k-more  ;★★★  ;♥♥  hilarity  undercover  amnesia  crime!au  action  first  sex  pov-mixed 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Herbert Knows Best
mikkimouse - Barnaby/Kotetsu, T --- 4,819

The girl grinned. "This is Herbert!"

Barnaby blinked. Their power was a goose? Did they summon animals? Were they trying to give him a pet? He hoped the latter wasn't the case; he really didn't have the time for a pet. And if he did, he had a feeling a goose wouldn't be happy in his apartment.

"Herbert is our goose," the boy said. "He has special powers."

"He'll help you find your soulmate!" the girl said.

Herbert honked.

Barnaby had even more questions now, but the one that came out was, "My...soulmate?"

(Or, in which a goose is going to help Barnaby Brooks Jr. find his soulmate whether he wants it or not.)
ao3  tiger&bunny  tiger/bunny  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  soulmates  hilarity  cute  pining  first  kissing 
january 2019 by we.are.golden
Less Than Madonna
Berty - Jack/Daniel, E --- 5,248

Diplomatic relations, but not as we know them.
ao3  sg-1  jack/daniel  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  hilarity  texting  flirting  first  pov-jack 
january 2019 by we.are.golden

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