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Lyme disease diagnosis: problems and solutions from the health system - Vox
What to do if you’re bitten by a tick

People ask me what they should do to avoid what my husband and I went through. I tell them that prevention should always be a top priority: pulling socks up over pant legs, spraying repellent on clothing, and doing daily tick checks. Still, sometimes ticks, with skills honed over 120 million years of evolution, slip past those defenses.

Ticks are sewers of infection that can transmit multiple species of disease-carrying organisms into your bloodstream in a matter of hours (though your chances of getting Lyme disease are low if a tick is attached to you for 36 hours or less, according to the CDC). Once a tick taps into a blood vessel, it releases chemicals that suppress the immune system for a week or more, giving the germs a dangerous head start. So if you suspect you may have acquired a tick-borne disease, your number one goal should be to start treatment as soon as possible.
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Erlebnisreisen im Schwarzwald
Anbieter von Mehrtageswanderungen mit Gepäcktransfer
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5 Mountains With Views That Rival Everest | The Discoverer
Whether you're looking for a light and easy hike or a truly challenging peak with a line shorter than that of Everest, these five mountains will fulfill your alpine cravings.
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The Astral Brewer Water Shoe Is the Best There Ever Was
The Brewer resembles more of a highly functional sneaker than a traditional water shoe, just with all the technical chops.
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Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running
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