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FrP i Oslo - 3 % på meningsmåling. Er ikke det utrolig lav?

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april 2019 by Arnte
Garage grundiert und Junge, die Grundierung riecht streng, funktioniert aber gut.

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september 2018 by svensonsan
Classic led by at today! America's top Innovators collab……
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may 2017 by hillary
Improve Productivity in Your Workplace: Implement Random Acts of Kindness
RT : Feel Good Friday: Check out my 52 Random Acts of Kindnesses you can implement in your workplace. Go!
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september 2016 by pavsaund
How being awesome became the great imperative of our time | Aeon Essays
The person widely credited with inventing the high-five is Glenn Burke (1952-1995) – an African-American baseball player and gay trailblazer. On 2 October 1977 at Dodger Stadium, Dusty Baker had just hit his 30th home run of the season. Burke was up to bat next, and when Baker approached home plate, Burke was waiting to greet him. ‘His hand was up in the air, and he was arching way back,’ Baker recalls. ‘So I reached up and hit his hand. It seemed like the thing to do.’ Burke immediately went up to bat and proceeded to hit his first Major League home run. When he made his way around the bases and rounded home plate, Baker was standing there with his hand up high.
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august 2016 by rianvdm
RT : Money shot from Pablo Cortez! Gronk and Edelman giving us tv magic
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december 2015 by galen.wilk
Leuk om meteen SPRINT-ertjes op dat eerste scherm te zien shinen! Goed gedaan meiden
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november 2015 by jelmer
to the person that had this idea - and to the person who approved it.…
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march 2015 by saper

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