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RT : Video of faculty during winter break
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yesterday by DocDre
I was in a meeting with a consultant last week who mentioned call centers as a great opportunity for rura…
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your labor model is creepily similar.
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3 days ago by kohlmannj
Checklist: Preparing Adjunct Faculty to Teach Online
Here is a quick checklist of items for deparment chairs or program directors to cover with adjunct faculty who are teaching online for the first time.
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7 days ago by bonni208
RT : The benefits of co-creating a curriculum with digital archives - we’ve put together some member stories s…
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7 days ago by LibrariesVal
Teaching the Students We Have, Not the Students We Wish We Had - The Chronicle of Higher Education
A recent essay that was critical of student evaluations was also unfairly critical of today’s students.
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7 days ago by bonni208
Dartmouth: Lawsuit claims school enabled 'predatory' professors - CNN
Universities become more corporate, take more corporate attitudes to student harm.
What a... uh, surprise.
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15 days ago by po
Talent. A Football Scholarship. Then Crushing Depression. - The New York Times
"Maybe you have never heard of Isaiah Renfro. He did not start at the University of Washington, nor did he play in the N.F.L. But you should know his struggle. There are scores like him, young athletes on college campuses grappling with mental illness — a crisis that is only now getting serious attention.

What experts know is this: Recent studies place suicide as the third leading cause of death for college athletes, behind motor vehicle accidents and medical issues.

And nearly 25 percent of college athletes who participated in a widely touted 2016 study led by researchers at Drexel University displayed signs of depressive symptoms.

Since that percentage is roughly in line with the general college population, the findings countered a long-held belief that athletes are less likely than their peers to become depressed — largely because they benefit from regular, emotion-lifting exercise.

As the stigma of mental illness has eased, the reporting of cases has increased. But experts also believe that young athletes now face more stress, which contributes to mental illness, than ever before.

“Performance and parental pressure, social media, more games on TV, more players who think they can go to the pros,” said Timothy Neal, the director of athletic training education at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Mich., and a nationally recognized expert on mental health and college sports.

The N.C.A.A. is playing catch-up.

“We are still so young in addressing this,” said Brian Hainline, a neurologist who in 2013 became the N.C.A.A.’s first chief medical officer. He cited increasing concern not only about depression, but also about bipolar, eating, anxiety and attention deficit disorders, as well as addiction. “Mental health is our single most important priority.”

What happened to Isaiah Renfro seemed to be a result of this combustible mix, where brain chemistry meets the burdens of reaching success and then maintaining it.

He was hardly alone in his struggle."
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17 days ago by robertogreco
A Business With No End - The New York Times
**This article is amazing and has all the things.

Olivet University was established in California in 2000 by an evangelical pastor named David Jang. His global religious community — often referred to, simply, as “the Community” — has been the subject of numerous articles that allege labor violations, fraud and abuse. That includes a 2014 Mother Jones story in which former religious followers of Mr. Jang said that the Community recruited them from China and brought them to the U.S. on student visas to study at Olivet University. In reality, the followers said, they spent most of their time working illegally, for very little pay, churning out clickbait for the International Business Times.
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17 days ago by twwoodward

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