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Hermione turned at his exclamation, but she was far enough away now that the boggart didn’t notice her attention. He heard her gasp. “Harry,” she whispered.

“Yeah.” That was pretty much the sum of it. Because his boggart was himself. Right now. Like looking in a normal mirror.

He stood there, frozen, heart pounding. His boggart self stared back.

“Riddikilus!” said Hermione.

The boggart transformed into Harry and Malfoy snogging, and Hermione sniggered.

It should have been funny, Harry thought. It really should have. It was just that it sort of gave him a bit of an erection instead.

He was so wrong-footed by the unexpected reaction that it took him a moment longer to comprehend the enormity of what’d just happened. His heart’s desire and his greatest fear—

He swallowed. “What does that even mean?”

Hermione hesitated, swished her wand and dismissed the boggart Harry-Malfoy altogether. “I don’t know. The mirror and the boggart can show deep thoughts, but they can’t put them into context. Only you really know how to parse the images.”

“Right,” he said, nodding. “But how can I be both my own greatest fear and heart’s desire?”

She didn’t have an answer for that.
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november 2016 by softmoon
Public universities should be free
"Whereas there once was a public mission to educate the republic's citizens, there is now the goal of satisfying the educational needs of the market, aided by PR departments that brand degrees as commodities and build consumer interest, always with an eye to the bottom line."
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november 2013 by taestell
Who Does Your College Think Its Peers Are? - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Colleges selected by institutions as peers show the power players in the world of higher education. Those choices also reveal sometimes surprising connections.
Explore the 1,595 colleges in this network to find out more, or read our article to learn about the trends.
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september 2013 by laurenpressley
Provision could cost Ohio colleges millions
Attracting out-of-staters to earn a degree in Ohio and stay here for five years is a good idea. But financing it on the backs of already struggling universities is a terrible idea. The state should reimburse Ohio universities for the lost tuition.
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june 2011 by taestell
Stanford University Libraries Cut 15%, Lose Staff, Hours, Materials Budget - 6/18/2009 - Library Journal
just for the record keeping. also: " At the University of Michigan, the budget hasn’t been finalized, but some 90 of 420 staffers have been encouraged to retire. If they do so by August, they’ll get nine months of salary."
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december 2009 by jannon
Readers' Forum: California deserves better than Yudof's failed leadership - ContraCostaTimes.com
"Earlier this year, Yudof slashed the salaries of UC's lowest-paid employees. Now workers struggling against poverty risk losing everything. Yet Yudof's plan underestimates the pay of UC's top-paid staff and shields high-level bonuses of the highest earners from being reduced. Replacing Yudof's blunt furloughs with payroll reductions on the top 2 percent of UC's payroll — roughly 3,600 individuals who earn more than $200,000 annually — would free more than $220 million for critical needs."
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december 2009 by jannon

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