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DOJ prosecuting its largest college admissions cheating scheme ever
50 people are being prosecuted after the DOJ uncovered a multimillion dollar alleged scheme funded by wealthy parents to bribe their children’s way into elite universities. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Time Magazine Editor-at-Large Anand Giridharadas, Politics Editor for TheRoot.com Jason Johnson, and Republican Strategist Rick Tyler to break down if this story will do anything about a system that already favored the wealthy.
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11 days ago by capcrime
Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among 50 snared in elite college cheating scam, authorities say | Fox News
Singer would bribe the coaches to fill slots the universities allocated for new players with his clients' children. To evade suspicion, the coaches and Singer would tell the prospective students to pose for pictures or would alter stock images and photoshop the child's face onto an athlete, to support the athletic-based admission.

For one applicant, Meredith — who resigned from his position in November — created a fake athletic profile and said the person was a recruit for the Yale women's soccer team even though the applicant "did not play competitive soccer," officials said. Singer gave Meredith $400,000 after the student was admitted to Yale.
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12 days ago by StJohnBosco
Policy in numbers - what counts without counting? | Wonkhe | Comment
Numbers, data, and metrics is the dominant language spoken in higher education today.

Anything that can be counted is counted, and many things that aren’t already measurable are being prepared for measurement. Putting students at the heart of the system has become a relentless political project to use student data to present the economic value of a degree.

But numbers should not be the only way of talking about the reality of HE. As numeric values, data cannot account for much of t...
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november 2018 by emilyamfm
Is Graduate School a Cult? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
For all its claims to the contrary, graduate education does not seem to enhance the mental freedom of many students, some of whom are psychologically damaged by the experience.
For anyone who has been in graduate school, numerous portions of Hassan's outline of the mind-control practices of cults will seem weirdly familiar. Reading through it, your initial tendency may be to laugh out loud. But proceed down the list and the parallels between cults and the experiences of many graduate students can become mildly disturbing.
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august 2018 by StJohnBosco
On Leaving the Cult (A Letter From a Client) | The Professor Is In
I finished a PhD in [Humanities] from [Ivy League University] in 2012. I was in a terrible state after the defense and deposit. People often talk about writing a dissertation in terms of birth metaphors–the genesis of an idea, the gestation process, the diss as baby, etc. Well, I truly felt as though I had given birth to a stillborn.
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august 2018 by StJohnBosco
Alumni enjoy working for their alma mater
Even though she was prepared to face this transition, Rodts said it is hard when she does not have time to see her friends who are still undergraduates. But her current positions are perfect for her planned career path, and she is happy to remain at Notre Dame.

“I’m still so much a part of the University, and I don’t feel like graduation has made me any less a part of it,” she said.
[It puts me in mind of what Alan Jacobs has said about universities styling themselves as students' homes. I found the article after learning how many Samford alumns teach there as well.]
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august 2018 by xianoforange

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