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High-Rise Building Evacuation Procedures
We're all taught to evacuate the building as soon as possible when a fire alarm system is activated, but many people still have questions about building evacuation. We’ve got some answers to frequently asked questions about high-rise building evacuation.
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may 2018 by Adventure_Web
Why Grenfell Tower Burned: Regulators Put Cost Before Safety - The New York Times
But in Britain, still no changes were made. “The construction industry appears to be stronger and more powerful than the safety lobby,” said Ronnie King, a former fire chief who advises the parliamentary fire safety group. “Their voice is louder.”
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june 2017 by petej
Camden set to remove cladding from Chalcots Estate tower blocks
“Therefore the panels that were fitted were not to the standard that we had commissioned. In light of this, we will be informing the contractor that we will be taking urgent legal advice."
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june 2017 by petej

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